Back to Winter

November 20, 2013

This is the view that welcomed me back to Alaska after being in Minnesota last week.

Not what I wanted, but I knew it would happen this way.


It is pretty. . . . kind of. If you are on the inside looking at it and only outside for a minute or so, I guess. (Read: I am not a winter person.) DSC_0005

This is how I feel about running in the mornings in these temperatures. 7*F on Monday and -8* on Tuesday. Not ideal for running fast. I’ve never had a problem with my lungs bothering me in the cold, but my thighs do get super cold and turn bright red.

I have managed to log some decent miles, but my hamstring is still giving me problems, so I’ll probably have to back off—again.


Sadie is quite the cuddler; she cracks me up. She has been a better running companion lately. I took her out the past three mornings and she has been running longer than usual. Maybe we are making progress!

When we adopted Sadie, the foster parent said she had hypothyroidism, but when we took her to the vet to have blood work done, the vet said she’s never seen a dog this young (We think Sadie is about 2 years old.) with hypothyroidism, so we were instructed to take her off her meds. Well, it was very evident that the meds were doing something because within a week or so, she looked depressed, did not seem as upbeat, she started losing her hair, was less interested in eating, and started gaining weight. We’ve had her back on her meds since Sunday and it had made a huge difference, so maybe that’s why she wasn’t interested in running before. DSC_0009

Time to go on a walk with Sadie and try not to freeze my tush off!

    1. Sorry your unhappy!!my friend is thinking of moving there! Living on the grid,toughing it building a cabin,buying a little land for a garden and doing a lot of fishing and hunting!! Where’s the best place for this?

      1. I know people who do this around the Talkeetna area, but I’m sure there are a lot of other places, including the area around Fairbanks.

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