I’m Addicted

October 6, 2013

What a great weekend it was! I was able to hang out with friends, go for a hike, do some baking, and run!

I am just too addicted, what can I say? I probably should still be resting after running the Kenai River Marathon last weekend, but I was majorly itching to go for a run this afternoon. I ran 2 miles by myself and then took Sadie for another mile.

She isn’t much of a runner, but she is doing better and seems to like it more. Craig said she started to whine when I went by myself.

DSC_0010I wore my Twin Cities Marathon shirt from last year in honor of the race today. My sister ran the Twin Cities Marathon today and crushed her goal time by running a 3:12!! She might be faster than me, but I have a marathon win under my belt. Just a little sisterly competition.


I fueled up with a Green Balance Juice at lunch prior to running. Seriously, Craig and I are obsessed with this beverage. Craig has been making a double batch every morning before work, and I crave them every morning. DSC_0007Craig is also in the process of making homemade bacon.


Our friend Anthony picked up two pork side bellies from Mike’s Quality Meats in Eagle River.DSC_0004They spent Saturday afternoon coating the meat with brown sugar, salt, maple syrup, and various seasonings. Now the cure has to sit on the meat for seven days until it will be smoked. I’m hoping it turns out good! I didn’t realize how spoiled I was growing up on a farm—the quality of meat we had does not even compare what is in the grocery store.


Saturday morning I walked/hiked Powerline Pass with a friend. This is a popular place for locals and tourists to go to because of its proximity to Anchorage. DSC_0008

It was a nice fall day—a little windy, but it was still nice to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. (That is not snow in front of us. That is just my poor photography skills.)


Unfortunately the fall colors had already disappeared. There was snow at this elevation a couple of weeks ago, so all of the leaves had perished and fallen off already.DSC_0010

View of Anchorage—still pretty despite the cloud cover. DSC_0013

Once again the weekend has ended, and Monday is calling. Hoping it is a good one!



What was the highlight of your weekend?

Has anyone tried to make their own bacon?

    1. Great pictures Michelle. Thanks for wearing your TCM shirt in honor of Twin Cities. I didn’t know your sister was running–I should’ve been watching for her. You’ll have to come down and run here again. If you ever want to come pace a marathon or half, I could probably hook you up.

      1. That would be awesome! I will definitely let you know. We are hoping to make it there the 2nd weekend of November–Craig wants to go deer hunting with my dad.

    1. Whoa! That’s going to make a lot of bacon! But looks like a fun project! I’m going to try your green juice. To save me from hunting around… where did you get your crystallized ginger? 🙂

      1. Yeah, and there was another slab of meat that same size! I found the crystallized ginger in the bulk bin section at the grocery store.

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