Cabin Fun

July 8, 2013

This past weekend we ventured to my in-law’s cabin a couple hours north of Anchorage.

This is a picture of the cabin we stayed in. It is very rustic—no running water or indoor plumbing. This picture was taken last May when my sister came to visit. This picture and more pictures from that weekend can be found here. (Yes, that is snow on the ground.)

Craig and I went with two other couples. When we arrived Friday night, we spent some time hanging around the campfire.


Saturday morning I went running while everyone else slept in. (Classic.) When I got back from running, Craig made a delicious breakfast for us. (I think breakfast is one of his favorite meals to cook; he takes after his dad.)


Steel-cut oatmeal + egg scramble that we wrapped in burrito shells. Delicious!


After filling up on a hearty breakfast, it was time to chop some wood.  We seriously spent two hours chopping wood . . . . . for the fun of it!IMG_2350

Yes, even I took part in this lumberjack sport. IMG_2356

Proof I at least chopped a small portion of the piece of wood. I know I need to work on my form.IMG_2359

Inspecting the progress. IMG_2360

Everyone took their turn, but some were a little less trusted with the ax.


Saturday afternoon we drove into Talkeetna and checked out the Susitna River. It was cloudy, but on a clear day you can see Mt. McKinley. IMG_2369 IMG_2370

Classic CraigIMG_2372

We then did some rock skipping. Craig impressed me with my rock-skipping skills. IMG_2374

And no trip to Talkeenta is complete without a stop at the Flying Squirrel.


Lots of baked goods and delicious pastries. Even some vegan and gluten-free options. IMG_2377

And don’t forget about pretending to be a flying squirrel. Although Craig looks like he about ready to fly into a tree and die. (Here’s my impression of the flying squirrel.) IMG_2379Saturday night we spent some time around the camp fire again and then went into the sauna. Unfortunately I dind’t get any pictures.

Sunday morning I went running again while everyone slept in again. We then packed up and headed back to Anchorage. It was a fun weekend and nice to do something different rather than the normal weekend routine.

    1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I loved Talkeetna when we visited! (P.S. love that coat!)

    1. It looks gorgeous there! Though I was the exact opposite and was sweating on a beach! I can’t fathom seeing snow this time of year! Crazy!

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