Snow in May

May 18, 2013

Another Saturday = another long run = a (mostly) happy Michelle.

And look, I even listened to music during the entire run! I think I like listening to music if I run later in the day, but I don’t care to listen to it in the early mornings because it is just too quiet and peaceful during that part of the day.


I was a mostly happy camper, except for the white stuff on the ground! This marks 232 days between the first snowfall and the last snowfall of the season. I’m not convinced summer will ever come.

I talked to my dad on the phone before I went out for my run and we started talking about the weather, naturally, since we are from Minnesota. I told him it was 28* F. He said, “switch those two numbers and you have our temperature.” Sigh. . . . .


I was not very excited to go for a run this morning, and I know it was merely due to the fact that there was snow on the ground. Seriously, it could have been the same temperature and same everything else, but since that darn snow was on the ground made me not-so-excited to run. DSC_0004

BUT I am way too addicted to not run, so out I went.

Distance: 13 miles

Time: 1:43

Average pace: 7:58 minutes/mile

Here’s how my splits broke down:

Mile 0 – I felt like I was running in a blizzard!

Mile 1 – 8:04

Mile 2 – 7:47

Mile 3 – 7:49 (Nice, I’m keeping a pretty decent pace.)

Mile 4 – 7:47 (Hearing birds chirping and seeing seagulls flying through the neighborhood was strange with snow on the ground.)

Mile 5 – 7:54 (Mile 5 and 6 I ran through a heavily wooded neighborhood, and I know my Garmin wasn’t picking up a very good signal.)

Mile 6 – 8:00 (Mile 6.5 took half of this Espresso Love GU—one of my favorite flavors.)


Mile 7 -8:04 (Mile 7.5 my hamstring started hurting, so I stopped and stretched it out, which seemed to help.)

Mile 8 – 8:09 (Started running slower to protect my hamstring and because I was starting to run out of steam.)

Mile 9 – 8:10 (Took the second half of the GU.)

Mile 10 – 8:09

Mile 11 – 8:00 (I really tried to pick it up and push the pace the last few miles. I was mostly successful, but I was hoping for some splits around 7:45.)

Mile 12 – 7:49

Mile 13 – 7:50DSC_0006

I wore my Zensah gloves on my run today. I had completely forgotten about them. When I first reviewed them, I remembered thinking they weren’t anything special, but I’m a big fan now! They are super soft on the inside and fit like a glove (no pun intended). DSC_0009

I have been spending the past couple of hours following my post-long run recovery protocol, but Craig is getting bored, so it is probably time to get out of the house.

    1. The only positive thing about this late of a snowfall is that it probably killed off a whole bunch of mosquitos!

    1. That’s just crazy to me to think parts of the US are still getting snow. I know it’s Alaska, but it still blows my mind. Hope it warms up for you soon!

    1. good work on getting out there and not letting the snow steal a day of running from you. mind and body over nature!!!

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