Last Long Run Before Boston

March 23, 2013

This is how I felt about my run this morning.

I did accomplish the 20 miles that I set out to do, but man was it tough! The new snow was either sticking to the heels of my shoes and building up on the bottom so it felt like I was wearing high heeled shoes or I was fighting snow that was loose and slippery as if I were running on the beach—neither were fun and both slowed me down considerable.

I guess these are the types of runs that make you stronger. . . .but it definitely took away some of the fun-factor.


This time of the year is always really hard because it seems as though spring should be coming, but sadly it is not. Mother Nature always plays tricks on us this time of the year. One week the sun is shining every day and the snow is melting, which makes it feel like spring is on its way. But then the very next week it will be freezing cold and dump snow again. And people wonder why suicides are so high this time of the year in Alaska!


I split my 20-miler into two parts this morning. I first did a 10 mile loop through south Anchorage, stopped at home to drink some water, and then finished with another 10-mile loop through the old Sand Lake neighborhood to get some hills in. Mentally, splitting the run up helps me greatly—it doesn’t make the entire long run quite so daunting.

I had pretty decent splits the first half of the run with most miles being right around 8:15/8:20 minutes per mile, but the second half was much more frustrating, and I slowed down considerably.

Distance: 20 miles

Time: 2:50

Average pace: 8:30 minutes/mile

Weather: 30*F, cloudy, and light snow


So that’s it. My last long run before Boston. I’m supposed to start tapering next week, but since I haven’t gotten up that high in mileage, it isn’t going to be much of a taper. I do not feel ready, but I just have to remind myself I’ve done what I can.

When I got back, I quickly changed out of my wet, sweaty clothes and made myself a cup of hot tea. I was still chilled to the bone even after drinking this and a hot shower. DSC_0011

And a random bit about painting my nails. . . .

I always have a hard time figuring out a good time to paint my fingernails. If I paint them during the day, I can’t just sit still and watch them dry—I am too much of a busy-body. So as I am doing things around the house, I inevitably bump my wet nails against something. Then I had the great idea of painting them right before I go to bed. This way they would have time to dry while I slept, but I always woke up with imprints from the sheet or blankets. But now I have it figured out. For the past three weeks, I have been painting them before going out for a run. I don’t need my hands or fingers to do anything while running, so they have a good hour (or more) to fully dry. I make sure to get all my running clothes on, then I pain them and allow them to dry for a few minutes. Next I carefully slip my mitten/gloves on and go for a run while my nails dry!

Today’s color: Essie’s Muchi, Muchi ~ This is the first time painting my nails this color, and I love it!DSC_0002Craig and I are headed over to some friend’s place for dinner and some games. It should be good times.

    1. I just painted my nails the other day and was frustrated about how horrible they looked afterwards because I was trying to do too many things as they dried. Thanks for figuring this one out for me sister! Now I know when the best time to paint my nails are!!
      Wish your run went better today 🙁 But, I can’t wait for Boston!!

      1. Yes, it is great! It works every time. I do allow them to dry 5-10 minutes before going out for my run so they are dry to the touch.

    1. You are amazing!! Love the nail color too.

    1. way to go on your run! interesting nail drying plan…love it! did you know that if you let your nails partially dry then run them under a stream of running (cold) water, that sets them and helps them dry faster. it really works!!

    1. Cute nail polish! And nice work on the 20! I did 18 today, which was tough. Didn’t have to run long as I’m not marathon training, but was with friends so it was fun.

    1. Breaking up the long run into two 10-milers is a great idea. That’s what always intimidates me about training for a marathon–the long runs in the training plans, especially when you do them several weekends in a row. Maybe if I think of them as 2×10 miles instead of 1×20 miles, I’ll do better.

      1. I still get intimidated by long runs, so I highly recommend breaking the run up. You could also do some by yourself and then meet up with a friend for the remaining miles.

    1. Mental toughness run for sure. Hopefully you won’t have to put that snowy toughness to use in Boston!

    1. Girl, you are going to KILL IT in Boston!! You are so super fast- I don’t know how you do it! 🙂 It SHOULD be much nicer in Boston for the race. I’m usually up there this time of year and it’s definitely spring-like.. though the weather lately is just way off.
      You should use Jamberry Nails! 🙂 I love them so much that I just started selling them (I have to pay for my addiction somehow!). No drying time required!

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