Things I Dislike About Running

March 16, 2013

When it isn’t one area of my body that is bothering me, it is another.

First it was my glute, then my hamstring, now my IT band has bothered me the past few runs which has been coupled with a side of occasional knee and mid-glute pain. Oh geeze!

But I did have a pain-free run yesterday morning, so let’s hope it stays that way. I’ve got an 18-miler on the agenda for today.

I have no idea what is going on with my body. I cannot tell you the last time I was injured—maybe 9 years ago! I blame the desk job.


If you know me, you know I love running but as with anything, there are always some downsides.

1. First and foremost: injuries

By the far the biggest frustration with running!

2. Ugly, black toenailsΒ 

I’m pretty sure my toenails will never be right again. Good thing a little nail polish (even if I have to paint my skin) usually takes care of the damage pretty well.

3. Running in less than ideal conditions: snow, sleet, downpour of rain, freezing cold temps, etc.

But then again, when you do bear these extreme conditions, it makes you look more hardcore and helps you appreciate the ideal conditions.

Things I really don’t mind about running:

1. Doing extra laundry.

I honestly don’t mind doing laundry. It probably helps that I just have my laundry to do (Craig does his own.), so maybe that will change one day when I have a bigger family.

2. Being hungry all the time.

I was famished all the time when running 80-100 miles this fall, but I would rather be hungry than never feel truly hungry, which is how it would be if I never ran.

3. Showering every day.

I don’t know. Maybe I like being clean.


Today Craig and I are running the Shamrock Shuffle—a 5K in honor of St. Patrick’s Day naturally. I’m excited! I love running races. However, I am not going to race this. I am going to run from home to the start, run the 5K, and then run back home. I’m hoping for 18 miles tomorrow. Praying my ailing, 30-year-old-falling-apart body holds up!

Oh, and I just checked the weather, and it is 6*F right now. This should be interesting!



Anyone else running a race this weekend?

What do you dislike about running?

    1. I really hated running in the snow this year while training for my first half marathon! I also hate having to shower and wash my hair more. It’s more that my hair is so long that it’s such a chore to dry it. Getting it cut to my shoulders to make it quicker to dry is on my to do list though!

    1. I think what I hate most about running is not doing it! B/c on the days I don’t run, when I don’t have the endorphins to defend me, I am SO much more susceptible to the winter blues and the melancholy….and I’m less energetic….and maybe a tad crankier. Anyway, I feel your pain (literally) about the knee and glute. I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks with quad/glute/hip (ok the whole darn CHAIN!) pain on one side. Not enough to sideline me, just enough to make me worried I’m heading toward injury.
      (Also, just recently found your blog when I was searching for running/AK stuff. I’m moving there this summer! Nice to “meet” you here.)

      1. The pain for my various ailments was never enough to cause unbearable pain, but I knew something wasn’t right. It seems like this has been due to weak muscles because once I start strengthening them, I start to feel better.

    1. I’m running a Shamrock themed 15k in Portland. The race is huge, like 35,000 people huge. Guaranteed a PR because I’ve never run a 15k before!

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