March 11, 2013

Here’s a quick recap on my weekend. I took very few pictures and it really wasn’t that exciting.

Saturday morning started out with a long run. I was excited to run outside in temperatures that were mostly tolerable. However, Friday night everything melted and then refroze overnight, so when I went to try and run on the sidewalks Saturday morning, they were just too slippery. There was no way I was going to make it 12 miles on the ice, so I had to resort to the treadmill.


I have grown to put up with the treadmill. It still isn’t my favorite, but  will resort to it when necessary. I ended up running  a total of 10 miles because I had already ran 2 miles outside.

The run went pretty well, overall, but I did get some bad chafing after 6 miles, so I had to change into tights for the last 4 miles. I hate that my thighs rub together. I wish I had nice stick-thin legs, but I don’t.


I managed 8 minute miles on the treadmill, which is 45 – 60 seconds faster than what I run outside. It wasn’t challenging cardio-wise, but my hips are still very sore 3 days later. Not good considering it wasn’t even half of a marathon. I’m just hoping this only helps my muscles adapt for the marathon. On the bright side, I didn’t have any hamstring or glute pain!


Changes are coming. . . . .

It is crazy how things work out in life. I never thought I would live in Alaska, and now I have lived here for 5.5 years with plans of staying even longer.

It is bitter-sweet. My husband got a promotion at work we just couldn’t pass up, so Alaska it is for the time being. As you may remember, I have not been a fan of Alaska for quite some time. It has been a hard transition for me, and I have had to adjust to a lot of new things. It is also bitter-sweet because we want to settle down: buy a house, get a dog, have kids, and live the American dream, which we will now be able to do. But I was just hoping it would be somewhere other than Alaska.

I seriously have spent the last 4.5 years trying to move out of state. We have both applied for multiple jobs out of state (me more than him), but it just didn’t seem to be. Instead, it seems as though God’s will is for us to be here in Alaska for the time being, and I am trying to be okay with that.

    1. There are worse places to live, but I think I’d have the same problems with Alaska. I hate the winters we have here in Kansas. On the plus side, if you do have kiddos there it’d be a good excuse not to have to leave the house for a long time, haha! I never even dream of running in shorts because of my thighs. Capris or pants all the time over here.

    1. I can totally relate–although, you are way stronger than I am for moving to ALASKA for your man! I despise cold weather! My fiance is a college baseball coach, so we move every couple of years based on where ever he lands a better job. The last two (&current) locations have been less than favorable, but we gotta follow where the jobs are. Hang in there. I know it’s tough, but at least you are together 🙂

    1. Stick thin legs are the worst! I used to think the same think, but now where do I warm my hands up when they’re cold?!?! I’ve been using my armpits, which is just gross. Not to mention, that little collection of fat is up there on the sexiest things about a woman’s body list, right next to lower back dimples and the downy patch of hair right above the tailbone. Just saying.

      1. I guess I never considered where else I would warm my hands up. Hmm. I had no idea the collection of fat is among the sexy places on the human body, but I can see the other two for sure.

    1. Chin up, my friend! You’ll start feeling better once the snow is melted and spring arrives! And yeah, my thighs rub together too. No matter how thin I’ve been in my life, they always have and always will.
      Not being in love with where you live is really, really hard. I’ve been “stuck” for a while now longing to live somewhere else, and still waiting. The waiting is the worst!
      For now, just try to see the best in everything and the beauty of where you live!

      1. My husband declared spring is already here because 1.) we saw someone riding their motorcycle the other day 2.) a lady was driving with her windows down today and 3.) a guy was running in shorts and a t-shirt this afternoon. Mind you it is still in the low 30s and there is still tons of snow on the ground. Oh Alaska. . . .

    1. I doubt there are many runners that have legs that don’t run together. Buying a house sounds exciting, you could build your own cozy home gym. That is kind of exciting, isn’t it? I am starting to get the moving itch again too. I seem to follow my husband around from one “less than perfect” location to the next, so I totally know where you’re coming from. Just gotta make lemonade 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing. I would have a hard time living somewhere I dislike too. However, it sounds like there are many things to look forward to, like kids, house, etc. You did manage to get a different job too…work in progress:)

    1. My husband would die to be in Alaska full time, but I totally understand why you would like to move! I don’t know if i could live in AK – the weather would be hard, but also the distance…it is so far away. Embrace what you have (health, love, home) and everything else will fall into place! Do you ski? That might be one way to break up the monotony of winter…girdwood isn’t too far, is it? Good luck, and look towards the future!

    1. hopefully once spring is here you’ll feel a *little* better about everything! i totally get your frustration with living someplace you don’t wanna though… been there, done that with a close family member. not fun at all 🙁

      1. I am getting excited about spring and summer. I just want dry pavement and milder temperatures to run in.

    1. Things have a way of working out, and so often not in the way you think they should. I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM, but figured it wasn’t in the cards financially, so I tried to go back to teaching (thinking the flexibility would be better than nothing). I spent my entire maternity leave looking for other jobs only to get rejected. Then, my husband got a new job, and BAM! I was a SAHM. Hope your silver lining reveals itself soon!

      1. Seriously, I have been truly amazed how things often fall into place so perfectly! I am just hopeful there is a reason we are supposed to be in Alaska for a bit longer. I also hope to be a SAHM one day too.

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