Love, Like, Dislike

March 5, 2013

Love exercising every day. Only liking yoga these days. Disliking how much yoga costs.


Love getting out and walking during my lunch break. Like that things are melting. Dislike the fashion but it is necessary.


Love Fage. Like the flavor. Dislike the fast there’s cornstarch in it.

Side note: Why do companies have to add cornstarch to Greek yogurt? Several of the cheaper brands add cornstarch to their yogurts. I think it thickens the yogurt?? But I was really sad when I discovered Fage has cornstarch added to their new ‘blended’ yogurt. (Instead of having the fruit at the bottom, everything is mixed together.) I knew after a couple bites there was cornstarch added; it gives the yogurt a pastey, drying texture and taste. I’m not a fan.


Love the freshness. Like the flavor. Dislike the time it takes to cut everything up—but it is worth it!


Love the color (All That Glitters). Like how long it lasts. Dislike the price. (Although I’m sure it isn’t too terrible for how long it lasts.)


Love it period. Love the smell. Love how refreshing it feels. Love everything about it.


Love the longer days. Like the (slightly) warmer temperatures. Dislike that we are still way too far away from summer.


We finally picked up the pottery we painted last month.



(Craig’s is on the left, mine is on the right.)

Love how Craig’s turned out. Like my design. Dislike how expensive it was.



Your turn. . . tell me something that you love, like, and dislike about your day, week, month, whatever!

    1. I agree on the yogurt-why all the additives in general? We are fortunate to have a couple of local Colorado brands that are all natural to choose from.

      1. Isn’t Noosa yogurt based out of Colorado? That is BY FAR my favorite yogurt of all time!

    1. fun post! i love that last night ben treated me to panera after our errands, i like that we went out midweek (never do that) but i dislike paying $15 for a dinner that would cost less than $5 to make at home! 🙂 and i’ve never seen that fage blended yogurt before. i just checked my yogurt and it has cornstarch too. that doesn’t bother me as much as other additives so i’m okay with it… but now i wonder if i’ll taste it based on your comments here 🙂

      1. Yes, that is my love/hate relationship with going out mid-week for lunch dates. I don’t mind too much that cornstarch is in there, but I definitely do not like the texture it gives the yogurt.

    1. I am with you on the yoga. I am going to start incorporating it more as my cross training. I loooove studio yoga but I hate how much it costs!! Seriously crazy prices.

    1. I so know how you feel about the yoga. I love hot yoga, but hat the price.

      I am loving having time off work right now to explore the new city we just moved to. I hate all the anxiety that comes with finding a new job!

    1. Love getting time to blog. Like vegging out. Dislike that it only happens when I should be in bed.

    1. Eww to cornstarch in yogurt! I would have never even thought to look for that. I only ever buy plain yogurt and add fruit to it as needed.
      I am loving the fact that we’re moving to Colorado. Hating the fact that it’s taking so long!

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