Warm Weekend

December 30, 2012

We had a “heat wave” this weekend. The temps have been in the low 40s, which is so much more tolerable than the single digits and below zero temps we were having last week. I like it!

This is how happy I was about running in one pair of pants and only two tops.


I ran 6 miles, which is the most since the marathon at the beginning of October. Yikes! This is not good since Boston is in 3.5 months! I need to get my butt in gear. Actually my butt needs to heal before I can do much more.


I had to snap a couple of pictures of how low the sun is in the horizon these days.


I have finally found a protein powder that I really really like! I have tried a slough of other protein powders and most of them have a weird after-taste or they had ingredients I was not a fan of, but I am loving this kind from Sunwarrior.


Saturday night Craig and I had a date night. First dinner at Ling and Louie’s with a Groupon.

I had the Chopstick Chicken Salad. I have a hard time getting veggies on the weekends, so I was glad to get some greens in my system. I liked the salad. The dressing was not overpowering and there was a nice combination of vegetables and flavors.


Here’s a picture of my new highlights that I got last weekend. Sorry I wasn’t able to post a picture sooner.


Craig had the same thing last time we went to Ling and Louie’s: Ling’s Seafood Hot Pot. I liked it, but it was definitely too spicy for me.


Craig with his classic open-mouth smile. And the sweet tie my sister gave Craig for Christmas. Oops! I just noticed Craig’s tie clip in this picture.


After dinner, we went downtown to watch Stomp at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

Both Craig and I really enjoyed the show. It was funny, entertaining, and pretty cool what they were able to do with brooms, pails, garbage cans, newspapers, etc.


    1. You looked pretty for date night. I like that top. That salad looks delish. I always feel weird eating cold salads in the winter, but I’m able to eat hot soup throughout the year.

      1. Thanks. I think I’m the opposite; I’ll take cold salads year-round and soups just in the winter. 🙂

    1. I’d love to see Stomp, that’s cool 🙂 I also laughed a little about your photo and “This is how happy I was about running in one pair of pants and only two tops.” haha. Happy New Year, Michelle!

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