Rather than blogging. . . .

December 2, 2012

I have to admit. . . .

I’d rather do a workout than write a blog post.

I’ve found I have about an extra hour in my day. By the time I work, sleep, exercise in the morning, cook dinner, wash dishes, and prep for the next day, I have about one hour left. And while I enjoy blogging, I’ve found I’d rather use that hour to go to a yoga class, lift weights at the gym, or go on a walk. Maybe I’d blog more if my life was more exciting, but really it is just the same thing over and over, so rather than trying to come up with a blog post—just to write a blog post, it is probably better if I just post when I really do have something to share. Just thought I’d let you know.

(I must have taken a dozen photos, but I could not get my camera to focus. So sorry for the blurry picture.)


My glute was getting better, but then I got too excited and ran two days in a row and now my glute hurts again. Grrrr! I felt good on Tuesday and Thursday, so I decided to try running again on Friday. I had set out to run 4 miles, but then at mile 2.5 I thought maybe I should just run 3 miles. The overachiever in me convinced me that one more mile wasn’t that big of a deal. But. . . . . that didn’t turn out so good. Mile 3.5 I started feeling it in my glute again, and I knew I was in trouble. It hurt while walking the rest of the day and also into Saturday. 🙁

Monday: 0 miles/ true rest day

Tuesday: AM: 3 miles/ PM: 10 min. stationary bike, 20 min. weights

Wednesday: AM: 15 min. stationary bike, 15 min. elliptical, 30 min. weights (arms)/ PM: 75 min. yoga (Bikram—for the most part)

Thursday: AM: 4 miles/ PM: 30 min. weights (legs)

Friday: 4 miles

Saturday: 35 min. swimming

Sunday: 60 min. yoga

Total: 11 miles

I think I am finally going to give in and go to a physical therapist this week. I am going on 2+ months of this glute pain, and it still isn’t getting better. I am hoping they won’t say, “just stay off it, ice, and stretch.” That’s what I have been doing for the past 2 months, and it still isn’t getting better!

When I was taking pictures the other morning, anytime I would use the flash, this is how the picture would turn out. That’s literally all the steam coming off my “warm” body. I hardly feel like I get that warm when I run at 1*F, but obviously my body temperature is a lot warmer than the air.


There’s really not too much new with Craig and I. We did have some fun trying on coats at Sports Authority Friday night.

Craig owes the coat he is wearing in this picture, and he wants me to get the women’s version. I have to admit, it is probably the warmest coat I’ve ever tried on, but I feel kind of silly matching my husband. I feel like we can’t do that until we are about 60 years old.


Saturday night I have some friends over for a girls night. I requested everyone bring a healthy dish to share. I made spring rolls and this Vegan Chocolate Pie courteous of Lauren.


I didn’t really know what to expect, but for it being “healthy vegan”—not “I just substituted Earth Balance for butter and there’s still a lot of sugar and fat in it” but honest to goodness healthy, I was impressed. There was tofu, peanut butter powder, only 2 tablespoons of sugar (agave nectar), and 1/2 cup non-dairy chocolate chips in it.Now of course this was not the best tasting chocolate pie I’ve ever had because we all know fat and sugar taste good! But for a healthy alternative, it was excellent!


I’ve got a Christmas wish list post coming up later this week, so for anyone who feels so inclined to buy me a Christmas gift this year, stay tuned. 😉

    1. Maybe get the coat in a different color? My husband and I have similar tastes and preferences in running shoes so we frequently run into that problem. Different colors or calling dibs on wearing something one day (might not work with a coat though!) and letting him the other day. 🙂

      1. That’s a good idea! However, I’m not too keen on the other colors. :/ Hmmm. . .I do really like the idea though! I’ll have to keep it in mind for the future.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      Does your leg still hurt even when you try the run/walk combo? I hope it will heal until Christmas. As a runner myself, I understand your disappointment and frustration completely, my thoughts are with you.
      Yes lots of vegan recipes out there are free of animal products but still full of fat and sugar and calories. The choc pie you feature in your post seems better, though!

      1. No. I ran 3 miles (without stopping) this morning, and it was good. It is just talking a whole lot longer to heal than I thought it would. :/

    1. Greg and I have matching The North Face jackets. But, they’re just plain black with no hood or anything, so it doesn’t look THAT nerdy. 🙂 I like that one in the picture though- you should get it!
      I’ve been having this weird pain behind my knee for the last week. I had the same thing about a year ago, and then it went away. I know how much stuff like that SUCKS.
      Glad you liked the pie- your version looks DELICIOUS!!

    1. I love the photo with you and Craig cute jacket Craig. Maybe that is why I am having sympathy pains for you. I have been doing PT we’ll see if it works I have my first set of exercises to do for 1.5 weeks then go back to see and increase it. They said it could take 10-12 weeks. I guess I am getting tired of the pain now so strengthening is good right. Not that I run but I sure feel when I stand a long time and walk distances.

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