A Year Ago. . . .

September 23, 2012

Wow! What a difference a year makes.

A year ago. . . .

– I dreaded going to work each day. Like seriously dreaded, absolutely hated it. Now I definitely do not mind going to work. I know this job is still new, but so far, I have not minded the work I do.

– I did not look forward to running. Now I honestly get excited about running in the morning.

– I think I blocked out this time of the year because it was always so stressful. But this fall, I am thoroughly running during the sunrise, the fall colors, and the some-what warm afternoons.

– I was depressed and stressed most (all?) of the time. Now I am more upbeat and goof-off with my husband. He rarely saw this side of me—only during the summer or a vacation.

A year ago, I thought we would be moving out of state now, but that obviously will not be happening. I still badly want to move, but with this new job, life is okay and I am trying my best to be content with the present.

The leaves are turning and there is some snow on those mountains in the background.


This week was my first taper week. I ran 80 miles and felt good—except for a muscle in my butt that has been bothering me all week.

It felt weird not to run or go to the gym after work two times this week. I felt guilty for going straight home! No more weight lifting for me—gotta save my energy.

Here’s a breakdown of y mileage for the week:


6 miles/51:22


AM – 10 miles/1:23

PM – 5 miles/41:00


9 miles/1:13 (Track workout: 4 x 400 meters, 2 x 1600 meters, 4 x 200 meters)


AM – 11 miles/1:29

PM – 5 miles/40:46

9 miles/1:17


8 miles/1:06


17 miles/2:18

Total: 80 miles

I can’t believe 80 is a ‘down’ week for me when the most I ran during my last marathon training cycle was 70 miles. Crazy!

Two weeks until Twin Cities Marathon!! And Friday we leave for Minnesota!! CANNOT wait! 🙂

    1. That’s great considering the wild weather you’ve been having. Enjoy the taper and your vacation 🙂

    1. woohoo, that’s awesome! have you gotten a boston confirmation? my friend got hers yesterday. 🙂

      1. I think I got my confirmation for Boston?? I got an e-mail saying that if I submitted the correct time, I’m in. 🙂

    1. So inspired by your miles and getting up early…I have started teaching a 5:45 am spin class twice a week in the mornings and I always think of you…I’m like if Michelle can get up early to bust it out so can I! 😉

      Ahh good luck at Twin Cities…taper time!

    1. I SO know that feeling of absolutely dreading work. Feeling sick and depressed and hating Sundays since the next day required work. I’m so happy you are out of that situation! Good for you for taking the steps and courage to make a change!

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