95 Mile Week

August 26, 2012

Another week of high mileage. 🙂

I never, ever thought I would be this close to running 100 miles. In the past, occasionally I would think, “wouldn’t it be cool if I ran 100 miles one week.” And now I am oh, so close!

As of right now, I’m still on the fence about whether that will happen this week or next. I’m pretty tired and sore from this week of running, but I’ve noticed my body is recovering faster than it used to, so I might be ready for 100 miles this week. But if not, I will be doing it next week! No questions asked.

Here’s how this week of running went down:


10 miles/1:17

45 minutes of weight lifting


AM – 10 miles/1:20

PM – 5 miles/39:00


AM – 10 miles/ 1:20

PM – 5 miles/40:00


14 miles/1:51

30 minutes of weight lifting


9 miles/1:15


24 miles/3:12


8 miles/1:06

Total: 95 miles


The new job is still going well. Here are some things I really dig about it:

– being able to go to the bathroom whenever I want. (This was not possible when teaching.)

– not having to listen to kids screaming in a gym all day long.

– I have windows I can look out during the day. (This wasn’t the case when teaching in an enclosed gym and having an office without windows as well.)

– dressing up! (I got really tired of wearing sweats to work every day. I hated feeling frumpy.)


There are a few things I do miss about teaching though:

– being able to stand up more and not being strapped to a desk. (I get really tired of sitting all day.)

– the higher pay. (I took a HUGE pay cut when I started my new job.)


All in all, it is nice to not have the “Sunday blues” and dread going to work the next day.

    1. You could cut down on your weight-lifting to help make the 100-miles? Replacing a lift with a run for a week wouldn’t set you back super far on your lifting.

      1. That has crossed my mind several times. More recently I have only been lifting my legs once a week just because they have been sore from running so much.

        1. I think generally you’ve got to lift twice a week for muscle gains. Once will probably just prevent losses. If you’re running 100 miles, though, you’re not likely to be putting on much leg muscle anyways, though. Too much volume tends to prevent you from adding muscle. (I’m battling this right now as I try to add muscle.)

          1. Oh, interesting. I didn’t know too much volume would prevent me from adding muscle–although it makes sense. Is your excess volume being added at the gym or through running?

    1. Congrats on the new high mileage milestone! That is unbelievable to me–I just ran my first 24 mile week & I thought I had bragging rights! Way to go. Good luck with reaching 100 next week!!

      1. Thanks! And congrats on your new record as well!! I’ve said before–and will continue to say–it is all relative!!

    1. 95 miles! so impressive. i think my highest week ever has been in the high 40s/low 50s back in college or maybe during marathon training. regardless, what an accomplishment!

    1. Every time you post your mileage for the week, it just makes me drop my jaw! I can’t imagine! I remember running 100 miles a month for a while- but man- in a week? Crazytown!
      Glad the new job is going well!

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