Odd Combinations?

July 20, 2012

Odd combinations. . . .that apparently do go together!

1. My dad + running. . . . . Apparently my dad has turned into a runner. Say what?!?! I don’t know what has happened to him, but I was talking to my mom on the phone and apparently he has been running for 20 minutes these past few days—and likes it! Woohoo, go dad. I’m so proud of you!!

2. 73* + Smokin’ Hot . . . . . .Really, Anchorage? Really?? 73* = “Smokin’ Hot?” Alright, I’ll give Alaskans the benefit of the doubt on this one, for Alaska (Anchorage) this is very warm! I know in the past 5 years I have been up here, this is the warmest weather I’ve ever experienced!! And all of you from “the Lower 48” are probably laughing at us right now. Ha!

3. Fried potatoes + hummus + salad greens . . . . .This salad that I made last night was actually pretty decent. (I have a bad history of making disgusting salads at home.) Who knew fried potatoes on a salad would taste pretty decent. Also, I’ve seen people use hummus on their salads as a dressing and surprisingly I thought it tasted alright too.

4. Non-dairy frozen dessert (does not) = ice cream. . . . . . Sorry soybeans, you just can’t make a good ice cream. I tried to trick my sweet tooth into giving it “healthy” “ice cream,” but it knew better. This was not good! I’ve had decent soy ice creams in the past, but I was not impressed with this one.

And one may think this is a healthy version of ice cream, but I wasn’t that impressed with the stats. (But then again it does depend upon which brand/type of ice cream you are comparing it to.)

One combination that does go well together. . . . .me + running! 🙂 And this is a hard one to break apart. . . . .I’m an addict, what can I say?

Today’s run:

Distance: 8 miles

Time: 1:05

Average pace: 8:11 minutes/mile

Finally, an easy run, and I stayed above 8:00 miles—as in I didn’t run faster than 8 minute miles! It was a wonderful run: effortless, the perfect temperature, and I got lost in my thoughts. So good!

    1. I love that 71 is hot, but 73 is smokin’ hot. I hear that you’re getting wildfire smoke from Siberia lately, maybe that’s the smokin’ they’re referring to?

      I agree on the non-dairy ice creams. Froyo sucks too. I’ll take the extra calories and fat any day!!

      1. I know, right?? I was cracking up when I saw that too! I’m sure they did that just because it would be funny.

        I agree! I was all excited for fro-yo when it came to Anchorage, but now I don’t think it tastes that great.

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