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July 18, 2012

Lots of miles being put on my legs the past two days.

Backing up to yesterday since I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.

Tuesday’s workout:

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 1:21

Average pace: 8:05

I didn’t feel awesome, but I didn’t feel awful either, so it was a mediocre run. This is my 4th week of increasing my mileage, so my body is probably longing for a cut-back week next week.

I wore my CEP compression socks on the run yesterday since my legs were feeling a little blah the day before. I have the “Progressive” Running Compression Socks and often get asked if these work, and I really think they do. My legs feel more recovered and like they have more “spring” in them the next day. In theory, they are supposed to push unwanted “waste” (e.g. lactic acid) out of the legs and increase blood flow so new, healthy blood can repair any damaged tissue.


Today’s run was welcomed with some glorious sunshine!

Distance: 9 miles (with 6 miles at a pace half-way between tempo pace and race pace)

Mile 1 – 8:23 (My first mile is always about 30-45 seconds slower than the rest of my mileage. This is definitely my warm-up.)

Mile 2 – 7:58

Mile 3 – 7:25 (This is when I started to pick up the pace.)

Mile 4 – 7:29

Mile 5 – 7:28

Mile 6 – 7:33

Mile 7 – 7:16 (I don’t know where this came from! I was super tired at this point, but I guess I still had some gas left in the tank.)

Mile 8 – 7:14

Mile 9 – 8:15 (cool-down)

Total time: 1:09

Average pace: 7:40

This was a tough run! I was tempted to stop the faster pace after 5 miles because I didn’t think it would be good for me to push myself that hard, but when I saw I was around 7:15 minutes/mile during mile 5, I knew I could hang on for a total of 6 miles. Plus, I don’t want to get in the habit of stopping/giving up just when it gets hard because that’s exactly what I need to train my body (and my mind) to push through.

Afterwards I went to the gym and lifted weights for 30 minutes. I focused on my back and chest (pec) muscles.


This afternoon, it was another 4 miles on the pavement. My first two-a-day since last summer! I plan to do more of them during this training session.

It was lovely running at the hottest part of the day. . . .a whole 72*! I know, I know, almost every one of you is experiencing an intense heat wave this summer and would probably love to be here instead. Well, let me tell you, I would LOVE to be where you are!! I love the heat, humidity, sunshine, being able to wear shorts and tank tops, go swimming, go to the beach, go tubing/water skiing, etc., but I have never been able to do any of those things up here!!

I planned to take this easy, but I was way too excited to run in a tank top and the warm sunshine.

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 31 minutes

Average pace: 7:44 minutes/mile

Post-run: super sweaty (even though you really can’t see it in this picture).

I had to take a picture of this sweet little pocket on my Saucony Hurricane 14s. I love these shoes! (Here’s my review on them.)

Time to rest up for another run in 12 hours. 🙂

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