Update on Marathon Training

May 23, 2012

Since being done with school, these past few days have been liberating!! The stress of work is gone, and I love having the freedom to do whatever, whenever I want! 

I have kept myself extremely busy and have hardly had any time to truly relax but that’s okay because life is good! 

DSC 0364

(Picture taken last summer during my trip to Minnesota.) 


As usual, I have been busy running. 

Grandma’s Marathon is quickly approaching. . . .only 3.5 weeks until it is here! Pretty soon I will be tapering!

I am in week 15 of my 18-week marathon training plan and things have been going very well! No injuries, no missed workouts, and I’ve been feeling great! 

My confidence keeps building with each workout completed, and I am feeling strong as I work to get my body into peak physical shape. I’m feeling very excited and confident I will have a successful race!

IMG 9126

(Running Mayor’s Marathon 2011 in Anchorage, AK.)


I’ve only run two marathons, but each time I prepare myself for this feat, I learn new things about the process and discover ways to help me run faster.

This time around, the following is a list of things I have done differently that I’m confident will help me run a PR.

– I started track workouts sooner

Starting in January, every Wednesday night, I did a track workout with the Skinny Raven Running Group. I think this really jump-started my training and prepared me for the intensity of marathon training. 

We would do tempo runs (one workout was: a 20 minute tempo run, 15 minute tempo run, and 10 minute tempo run), speed workouts (12 x 3 minutes), 2 mile timed trials, and mile repeats. They were pretty intense, but it was nice having other people to push me. 

– I am following a much more rigorous training plan.

I have been following the Advanced Marathon Training plan found on the Grandma’s Marathon website. It is even more advanced than Hal Higdon’s Advanced 2 Program

– I did a 24 mile training run

I know almost every training plan does NOT recommend running more than 20 miles, but this has always been something I’ve pondered: How am I supposed to prepare my body to run 26 miles if I only run 20 miles. I know there are probably very good reasons why most people should not run more than 20 miles, but I’m glad this plan challenged me to run 24 miles. I think it will only help me. 

– I’ve completed more training runs on the treadmill

I know I’ve complained about running on the treadmill in the past, but I’ve really found the benefits this training season. I still find it very boring, but if I wanted to do a fast tempo run in the dead of winter, it was really my only option. And surprisingly I don’t hate it as much as I used it. I can keep a very consistent pace on the treadmill, and it is easy to run negative splits—it almost feels like I am cheating when I do!

– I’ve run more races. 

In the past, I’ve been scared to run races because I thought it would jeopordize my training, but this time around, I think it will help condition my body for racing the marathon. I did the Do Run Run race at the beginning of May, my sister and I are running a half-marathon this Saturday, and next Friday we are doing the Twighlight 12K

– I started taking an iron supplement.

I started taking an iron supplement after I discovered I was anemic. I have only been taking iron supplements for about 5 weeks, so I can’t say for sure my iron is at a healthy level since I need to wait 3 months before I am retested, but I figure it can only help, right??

IMG 0276

Accomplishments this training season:

– Running 70 miles in a week—my highest mileage ever!

– I ran 24 miles for a training run and would have set a PR in the marathon if I could have maintained that pace for another 2.2 miles!

– I achieved a 10K PR in a training run. 


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