Happy Day

May 17, 2012

It’s a happy day around here today for two reasons. . . .


Yeah!! I am so excited and so relieved to be done with school! I have been waiting for this day since the first day of school–literally.

Even though I have resigned from teaching, I am taking the summer off to enjoy my freedom and rejuvenate!

2. Today is also my sister’s 23rd birthday!

I am so glad I am able to celebrate with her this year—I don’t remember the last time I was able to do that!

She is the best sister I could ask for, and I am so lucky to have her in my life!

We have some fun activities planned for the evening, so I want to hurry up and get this day over so we can celebrate. . . .for more reasons than one!

(Both pictures taken on the North Carolina coast during my trip to NC during Thanksgiving 2011.)

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    1. CONGRATS Michelle- I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU.
      We still have 3 weeks left… will I survive?
      I’m planning to “go public” with my news on my blog soon, but have already officially done the deed. And I couldn’t be happier!!
      Can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you!!

      1. Ahhh!! I’m so excited for you as well!! You WILL survive–just take it a day at a time, that’s what I did.

        1. OH! and Happy Birthday to your beautiful little sister!
          AND I think I’m going to steal your jumping up in the air on a beach photo idea for my last day as well (I have one on my About Me page!)

    1. Thank you sister!!! You are the GREATEST and I am SO happy I get to celebrate my birthday with you and Craig!!

    1. Michelle I am coming to seward for the summer and I am a runner. I am wondering if there is a running group there or people you know that I could run with.

      1. Skinny Raven has a running group that meets on Wednesday night (and sometimes on Saturday) for speed workouts. Check their website for more information.

    1. […] I was particularly excited to run this morning because I have been feeling very good since the marathon and am excited to get back to higher mileage again! Plus, I have all the time in the world now that it is summer and school is out! […]

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