Alaskan Adventures

May 14, 2012

Our Alaskan weekend continued after Craig’s bike event on Saturday, when we headed into the bustling city of Talkeetna, AK. Population 350 in the winter and 3500 in the summer. (I just made those numbers up.)

(I meant to include this in my previous post, but WordPress was being so slow I decided to break it into two posts.)

It is customary to eat at Twister Creek Restaurant in the heart of Talkeetna since my in-laws are good friends with one of the owners, so we headed there for a late lunch.

I ordered the chef’s salad because I was craving some veggies. I usually really like salads like this, but this one was just okay.

My sister and I shared the salad and this veggie sandwich. It was made with homemade bread and was quite good. Not the best veggie sandwich I’ve ever had but decent.

My father-in-law wanted to feature his veggie burger on the blog. I did try the sweet potato fries, which were excellent!

Craig ordered the pulled pork burger.

While driving into Talkeetna, I spotted this bakery, so we stopped on our way back out of town.

I liked the interior—cute and hippy. 😉

Kristy, my sister, and I split one of these gluten-free Blueberry Rhubarb Bars. It was very good—not quite sweet enough for me but still very good.

As we were driving, Craig spotted his coworker who was also participating in the Clean Air Challenge Bike Ride.

Cheering the bikers on!

After we got back to my in-laws cabin—where we were staying—all of a sudden, it started to hail??!! Although, I don’t know that it was really hail, it was more like large chunks of snow falling from the sky—which pretty much is hail, but this was a little different.

My sister, who is staying with us for a month, just came up from North Carolina where it was 90* and now it is half that temperature (or colder) here!

She also had to check out the cabin sans running water and the outhouse.

Haha! She’s so cute!

I’m sure there will be more Alaskan adventures to come later.

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