May 9, 2012

Tuesday morning I did a pretty tough track workout. I was supposed to do this workout Monday morning, but when I was still feeling a little sore and tired from Saturday’s 24-miler, I decided to push it back to Tuesday morning.

Tuesday’s track workout:

2 mile warm-up

12 x 400 (with 200 meter jog recovery)

2.5 mile cool-down

Total: 9 miles

Overall, the workout went okay, but I was a little bummed the splits for each of my 400s weren’t faster. Most of the splits were between 1:40 – 1:44—I was hoping they would be around 1:35. I know I shouldn’t make excuses, but the cool/cold temperatures in the morning (low 40s) isn’t warm enough for my muscles to perform at optimum levels. I do much better in warmer temperatures.

When I complete the next track workout, I plan to go to the indoor track and hopefully I’ll be able to post some better times.

I am still grateful for no injuries yet this training season, and I hope that continues to be the case. I’ve been trying to be very diligent about icing, foam rolling, taking ibuprofen (only when absolutely necessary), stretching, getting enough sleep, and eating right because I want to get that Boston-qualifying time this time around!

    1. Temps in the 40s are best for me 🙂 What race are you training for?

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