Skate Skiing

February 28, 2012

As I mentioned in my previous post, Craig and I recently learned how to skate ski.

We have been renting skis from REI and practicing at Kincaid Park.

If you have never heard of skate skiing before, here’s a little bit about the sport:

– The motion of skate skiing is like ice skating or rollerblading.

– The equipment looks similar to classic cross country skis or downhill skis, but it is different.

– People really enjoy skate skiing because it is a high cardio activity and you go a lot faster.

We aren’t very good yet but slowly we are getting the hang of it.

Craig has been practicing without pole so he can get the mechanics down better. He’s looking good in this photo.

So far we’ve gone out four times. I like it, but I don’t foresee myself getting an itch to drop $500 to buy all the equipment.

I’ve never found a winter sport I love. (I only run during the winter for summer running/racing.) I am just not a winter person, period. Seriously, you could give me skate skis in the summer (if this was possible), and I would love it, but for the plain and simple fact it is winter, I don’t like it. I know, it isn’t fair to winter.

But, Craig enjoys it, so I’ll suck it up for him once in a while.



What is your favorite winter activity?

    1. skate skiing! that was always my favorite. So funny because whenever I tell people that they are so confused by what it is. must be an alaskan thing? 😉 kidding!

    1. Skate skiiing is the best winter sport ever. Do you like it now?

      1. Not really. I haven’t done it much though either. I guess I’m just too addicted to running.

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