Confessions of a Run-a-holic, Part II

January 25, 2012

Confessions of a run-a-holic:

1.) I will never ever, ever get tired of the runner’s high.

2.) As much as I enjoy biking, swimming, and yoga, I can go days, weeks, even months without these types of exercise. Running, on the other hand, I cannot go without for more than a couple of days at a time.

3.) I love running in all seasons (spring, summer, fall)—except winter! I despise it greatly, however, I will continue to run in the winter because the addiction is strong!

4.) Oddly, the only part of my body that gets really cold when I run in the winter are my legs.

5.) I love it all: hills, speed workouts, long runs, etc. I don’t dread one over the other.

6.) I have platypus feet (as Craig calls them)—a narrow heel with a wide forefoot—which makes finding shoes that fit well very difficult.

7.) I will never be satisfied with my PR. I will always be trying to run faster.

8.) I think everyone should run a race sometime in their life. (If they can physically can.) The feeling once you cross that finish line is like no other.

9.) The coldest weather I’ve ever run in was -40*F (with windchill) during college in northern Minnesota.

10.) I started running when I was 10 years old in order to train for the mile in p.e. class.

Confessions of a Run-a-holic, Part I

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