Ecto Problems

January 24, 2012

UGH! Ecto is no longer working on my computer; the color wheel on my Mac just keeps spinning. I have avoided blogging on WordPress because is not as easy, which is why I haven’t posted in over a week.

I e-mailed Ecto asking for my login information so I can uninstall/reinstall Ecto, but they haven’t gotten back to me, so I’m stuck using WordPress if I want to post. Gosh, I nearly forgot how to use WordPress.

A quick update on this past week. . . . .

It was a very stressful week for me last week. It was only a 4-day week, but man, did it go by slowly! And, the kids were really off too. They were bouncing off the walls and more emotional (read: crying, whining, and complaining), which does not make for a happy teacher. I just hope this week is better!

Since I knew Ecto wasn’t working, I had very little motivation to take pictures. I did manage to take one picture though:

This is Angela’s Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheeze, and it was good! Craig especially liked it!

It was supposed to be vegan, but I didn’t have vegan butter or milk on hand, so I used regular milk and butter.


Last week’s workouts:

Monday – 5 miles (speed workout: 2 x 800 meters + 4 x 400 meters)

Tuesday – 3 mile run + 80 minutes of yoga

Wednesday – weight lifting + 5 mile run (2 mile timed run—my time: 13:09)

Thursday – off

Friday – 5 miles + weight lifting

Saturday – 9 mile run

Sunday – 3 mile run + weight lifting

Total: 30 miles


I’m really hoping to get Ecto back up and running soon. Anyone have any tips?

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