I Love a Good Deal

October 10, 2011

Brrr!!! It was chilly (dare I say cold?) on my run this morning!

30* left me chilled to the bone and my thighs bright red when I got back this morning. 🙁

Despite the cold, I had a running buddy to keep me company! I ran with another teacher this morning, and it was so nice to talk to someone else who “gets” my current struggles with my job.

We covered 7 miles in about 60 minutes.

My Garmin died half-way through because the battery went dead. I didn’t realize how often I’m going to have to charge it?!?!



I love a good deal and found quite a few while shopping this weekend! [Good deals are one of those “little things” in life that make me happy. 🙂 ]

Locals: I found these at the Target in South Anchorage.

FYI: One should always walk down the back-end of aisles in Target to find the good deals!


Back-to-school things are on sale.

Granted this planner does go from August 2011 – July 2012, but I’ve only missed a few months. Plus it is super cute.


I always wanted these nice Five-Star notebooks as a kid, but they were always so darn expensive!


This was a steal of a deal!


This Listerine was on sale, and it had a coupon attached to it for $1 off.


Good Earth tea is now at Target!

And I think they forgot to mark up the price! This was only $3.29. [Everything is more in Alaska because of the extra shipping costs due to the distance the products have to travel—or this is what I’m told.]

I paid over $5.00 at Fred Meyer—although it is currently $3.50 with a coupon at Fred Meyer.


I picked up three boxes; I can’t wait to try these new (to me) flavors.


Craig already has this water bottle, but he is notorious for loosing things like this, so now I have a back-up. [This does not give you permission to loose it though, Honey. 😉 ]

DSC_0050 DSC_0052


I also learned a few things during this shopping trip.

Just because it is the brand name product, does not mean it is the most expensive item.

Somehow these Puffs facial tissues were cheaper than the store brand! I’ll take it!


Buying food items in the bulk section of the grocery store is not always the cheapest way to go.

This trail mix was nearly half the cost of trail mix in the bulk section at Fred Meyer (where I buy my groceries).


Since this was primarily chocolate and didn’t have a lot of “healthiness” to it, I diluted it down with other nuts and dried fruit:

walnuts + almonds + cashews + dried cranberries + raisins + banana chips


Just because something isn’t on sale doesn’t mean it is the best deal.

This gum wasn’t on sale, but it was cheaper than some of the varieties on sale.

[FYI: This is my favorite brand and flavor of gum!]




What advice can you offer for finding a good deal?

    1. I have the 405 too – did you know there is a way to tell the battery life left? The touch bezel can be so tricky but when you first hit the start button then lightly touch the training side of the bezel. Usually it will display the battery life left in percentage. Mine usually last 3-4 runs depending on the distance of each run. Great job on the run!

    1. my 305 usually lasts about a week without being charged, and i use it maybe 3 times a week…just get in a habit of charging it so it doesn’t die during a race!

      as for getting good deals…i follow a deal blog (moneysavingmom.com) and sign up for free samples, coupons, etc. 🙂

    1. Great finds! My Garmin is really iffy as far as battery life…sometimes I can’t believe the battery is dead and sometimes I think it should be…but it keeps going and going!

    1. Nice post! I like that you only buy deals that you know you will use… instead of getting it because it is a deal. 🙂 I love finding good deals, too. I was so pumped when I found ribbon for the wedding online for waaaaay cheaper than at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I think I spent $20 (that includes shipping) on ribbon that would’ve cost $75+ at the craft stores!!

      1. That is definitely one thing I am very conscientious about: not just buying something because it is a good deal. I fall more into this trap with clothes, so I have to be really careful!

    1. My 405 lasts about a week or so without charging (that’s maybe 20-25 miles of running? plus a long bike ride or spin class thrown in? w/using the HR Monitor). It eats up more battery when used over several runs though (than say a marathon) because it has to search for the satellites each time you use it. It has lasted for a several hour long hike before too before getting low. I’m an office supply nerd, I love finding cheap planners and notebooks 🙂

    1. The grocery store in my neighborhood has double coupon days, so I always keep my coupons in the glove compartment, so I don’t miss a day. Also, when I’m buying online, I always search for a promo code first. One last tip that I’ve never tried is to have your weekly ads with you even if they’re from different stores. A lot of stores price match and will give you a competitor’s price if you can show it in the weekly ad.

      1. Oh how I miss grocery stores that double coupons. None of the grocery stores up here do that. 🙁

        Those are other great tips!!

    1. It was probably partially my fault that your watch wasn’t charged….i didn’t charge it before sending it. I was going to try and turn it off but I didn’t know if that was possible.
      I need to make a trip to Target soon and see what good deals they have…maybe today!

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