I Have a Confession

October 9, 2011

I am the most indecisive person ever! [I apologize if you were hoping for a bigger confession.]

I stand in the grocery isle surveying all my options for a carton of Ben & Jerry’s before picking one up, reading the description, and then putting it back in the freezer. This repeats about 4 times before I finally walk away with nothing.

I continue to shop for the rest of my groceries, while weighing the pros and cons of each flavor. After much turmoil, I return to the frozen food isle and survey all my options again. I pick up a couple containers, put them back, and finally choose the flavor I picked out in the first place.

Good thing Craig isn’t with me, otherwise we would have one of each flavor in our cart. Oh wait, maybe that explains why we had  seven different cartons in our fridge this week! 😉

This indecisiveness carries over into pretty much every aspect of my life: what clothes to wear in the morning (I have to pick out my clothes the night before otherwise I will run out of time in the morning.), what to eat, and most recently whether or not to buy a GPS watch for running.

For the past two years, I have gone back and forth, back and froth, back and forth about buying a GPS watch for running. I am a type A+, detail-oriented person who loves know the exactness of everything, but when I go for a run, I am pretty sure I know how far I am going, plus nearly $200 for a silly little watch?!?! Seriously!?!?

But after thinking about buying a watch (for two years, mind you), asking fellow runners for their opinion (several times!), I finally purchased a watch last year. . . . .and then returned it. (I even showed it on my blog.)

The decision came back to haunt me, and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind that I should have kept it in the first place, so I ordered another one this fall.


So there you have it! I am finally the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 405!

I used it yesterday on my 10-miler and really liked knowing exactly how far I had gone and what my current pace was.


For dinner tonight, I had my new favorite salad combination:

mixed greens + caramelized pecans + dried cranberries + goat cheese

I used caesar salad dressing only because it was all we had in the house, but it tasted good! I think just as long as you use a creamy dressing versus an oil or vinegar-based dressing you’ll be fine.


The caramelized pecans put this salad over the top!

Caramelizing nuts is super easy. I started by adding nuts and white sugar to a non-stick skillet over low heat. (I probably used about 1 teaspoon sugar for 1/4 cup nuts.) Keeping the stove-top on low heat is key. I stirred the nuts periodically throughout the process until all the sugar has melted. Easy as pie!


On Saturday, I made a stop at Gap and discovered a pretty decent sale.

They were (probably still are?) having a Columbus Day sale and everything was an additional 30% off with some tops (the dark gray cardigan in this picture) and dress pants being 50% off.


So if you like a good deal, go check it out.

Time to get ready for bed.



Do you use a GPS to track your runs? If so, what brand/model?

    1. I bought the Forerunner 305 in June and LOVE it. It was a little pricey – but definitely worth it. I love not having to guess about my mileage – I found out soon after I started using it that I was over-estimating my pace…so once I started using the Garmin I realized my training pace is actually faster than I had assumed!

    1. I just got the Garmin 305 this summer and really like it. I definitely find it much more accurate than the Nike+ system I was using. The only downside is when I run under overpasses it can throw the signal off temporarily. I can be so indecisive as well. This happens a lot at dinner time or if we try to go out to eat, haha. Drives Scott crazy!

      1. I have not heard good things about the Nike+ system.

        I always have to check out the menu before going to a restaurant so it doesn’t take me as long to order.

    1. i have a garmin 305 that i got on a great amazon sale last december. if anyone is in the market, you can use a price tracker that emails you when items reach a certain price. it’s so nice! but i really like it. i don’t use it everyday but for workouts and long runs or for running in areas where i don’t know the mileage, it’s a lifesaver!

    1. I have a Forerunner 405…bought it a couple of years ago, and I must say it is a great investment! You are going to love it.

      I will definitely have to caramelize some pecans one day! That salad looks delish.

    1. I actually use an app on my droid called “My Tracks” that uses GPS satellites. It’s pretty accurate!

    1. I LOVE my Garmin 305…found it online when all other stores had quit selling that model. I don’t hook up to the computer, just use the pace and mileage. Sometimes…it’s nice to run without it though!

    1. I used to use a gps. but it was a garmen 305- REALLY old and took forever to load up w signal. How do you like the new one? How fast does it pick up signal? (my old one took 5 minutes so I usually was already jogging by then)

      1. It is really fast about picking up a signal. (That is one of the pros I read about it.) It only takes a few seconds–15-20 seconds. It’s nice!

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