The Friday Five, No. 4

October 7, 2011

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5 Things about my week:

1. What I’m pinning on Pinterest.

This outfit confirms my ‘need’ for a pair of Toms. I just wish they weren’t out of stock of this style. 🙁


2. What I’m watching. . .

Craig and I watched Something Borrowed last weekend, and we really enjoyed it! Best movie we’ve seen in quite some time.

Did anyone else think Dex looked like a younger version of Tom Cruise?


3. My favorite lunch all week.

I added the leftover roasted chickpeas from last night’s Chickpea Tacos, which made this salad phenomenal! On top of the leaf lettuce, I added tomato + avocado + green pepper + shredded cheese with caesar dressing. Yum!


4. A new granola bar.

My sister sent me this granola bar in the mail this week, so I had to give it a try! I love trying new things!

This was a True Bar by Bakery on Main.

I was pleasantly surprised at the authentic raspberry flavor and the texture from all the nuts and seeds of this bar. I really liked it! I’ve never seen them in the grocery stores (at least up here), but I would if I saw them.


5. I miss running in the daylight.

Living in Alaska, I spend 6-7 months running in the pitch dark. 🙁 It can be quite scary at times, and I’m sure my blood pressure is even more elevated during these runs, but I just can’t bear to run inside! [I despise it greatly.]

I am not very good about being safe when running in the dark, so I probably shouldn’t be writing a post any time soon about “How to Safely Run When it is Dark Outside.”




What was a highlight of your week?

    1. Those Toms are super cute! I’ve been contemplating a pair for a while because I HATE tying shoes.

      I think the highlight of my week was a lovely massage. =)

    1. Long time, no comment! I’m totally with you on running in the dark. I hate running inside (and don’t have a treadmill option anyway), and the darkness keeps creeping earlier and earlier in the morning. I do love the peacefulness of the morning and seeing the sunrise though. Luckily, I don’t have to run on main roads and I wear a reflective vest, but still – I get a little nervous too. Looking forward to your post on the topic!

      1. Welcome back!

        Actually, I said I should *not* be writing a post on staying safe while running outside in the dark since I am not good at it.

    1. those granola bars look great! i’ve never seen them before…i’ll have to keep my eyes peeled 🙂

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