Alaska State Fair

August 29, 2011

I have always loved going to the fair. . . . county fairs, state fairs. . . .they were a highlight of my summer growing up!

Surprisingly. I had never been to the Alaska Sate Fair until Sunday when Craig and I (along with others from our church) went there.


It took quite a while to drive to the fairgrounds because there were tons of people there!


Thankfully, it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day: sunny and warm! (I didn’t have to wear a jacket. . . . most of the day.)


We had a beautiful view of the mountains! (Kind of weird since I’ve never seen mountains while at a fair before.)


The mountains were all around us—even from the parking lot!


A big reason fairs will always hold a special place in my heart was because I was a really big into 4-H.


I would take approximately 20 projects to the fair including: photography, wood working, food, clothing (sewing), and posters/informational boards on various topics.

I would literally spend all my time during the month of June working on these projects to get them ready for the fair.


I am so enthralled and totally in my element! (nerd alert!)


I also showed pigs at the fair, so we had to stop by and see the animals.


DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0022 DSC_0027

It is kind of funny because there were so few animals. . . .maybe 5 pens of pigs, 3 dairy cows, a dozen sheep, and that’s about all. Oh, and some chickens and rabbits.

Obviously Alaska is not a farming state, but there were a few John Deere tractors. (This was a 520, not a 620—sorry Dad and Grandpa!)


Other fun sights:

The largest pig weighing in at 750 pounds. . . .doesn’t even come close to Minnesota’s largest pig at 1000+ pounds.


One thing Alaska does have on us is their extra-large vegetables!



It is quite well-known that Alaskans aren’t too fond of Texas. (I sincerely apologize to all my Texas readers; I am not in this boat!)




I think Craig makes a better pirate than me!


I know for many people, the highlight of fairs are the rides and the food, but for me, growing up, we NEVER rode rides at the fair nor bought food!

Call it a crime, but I didn’t feel deprived. . . . .the rides and food are SO expensive and the food isn’t something my stomach would appreciate anyhow.

Instead we would spend all of our time picking up the free stuff and tailgating for lunch! 🙂

The one thing my family would get at the fair was a milkshake, so I thought it was only right I continue the tradition.


Craig, on the other hand, had his fair share of fair food including this pork chop on a stick and cheese curds. (I snagged a couple bites of his food. 😉 )

Our fearless youth group leaders at our church: Greg and Craig.


After 4 hours, we had seen everything, so we went home so this grandma could go to bed!



Do you go to any county/state fairs where you live?

    1. It was fun seeing the pictures at the Alaska State Fair. I liked the 4-H exhibit pictures and the farm animal pictures. And of course the John Deere Tractor. We went to the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday. Beautiful day with lots of people. We watched the parade and the Waseca Marching Jays Band. The largest boar had to go home early. He had too much of the fair by Sunday. I saw the largest pumpkin but don’t know how much it weighed. Thanks, Craig, for supporting the pork producers with that pork chop on a stick! And, yes, I had to have a malt — they are $5.00 now!!! I remember when they were $2.00 each. But they have lots more flavors to choose from now. No Princess Kay of the Milky Way butter carvings at the Alaska fair?

      1. I know, right?!?! How did the price of a malt/smoothie get SO expensive!?!?

        Oh no, definitely no butter carvings at the state fair here!

    1. I think this might be my first time commenting on your blog (although I’ve been reading it for a while now), so hello! 🙂 I was also very active in 4-H as a kid, and I love to see the animals and gigantic produce at the fair.

    1. Yes I go to fairs and I went last weekend to the MN State Fair. I don’t think I count for this question because I’m family. You are so right with the mountains being in the background.

      I had a strawberry milkshake and more but I call it my junk food day. We were at the fair from 8:30 a.m to 9:00 pm that day. My feet hurt so much and we still didn’t see half of the sites.


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