Going on a Moose Hunt

July 13, 2011

Thank you so much for all your comments on my Finding Happiness post.

I was truly touched by those who reached out to me and offered their advice!

I know some of my posts can be quite depressing. It’s true, I don’t like it here, and while I want to be “real,” no one wants to read post after post about the negative things in my life.

I realize that some of you have probably been offended by all the negative comments I have made towards Alaska. It is not my intention to directly insult you, but by default I do because Alaska is something you care about. I am sure some people have stopped reading my blog because of all the negativity, and so I offer my apology.

Anyway, I do appreciate all my readers, and I want to be real, but not write about the negative things in my life because I am fortunate to have:

– a wonderful, loving, and caring husband,

– family and friends who care about me (even from 3000+ miles away),

– good jobs and an income that allows us to be able to save money and do things we enjoy,

– my running and good health,

– and by golly, right now there isn’t snow on the ground and it is summer vacation! 🙂


Now onto less depressing things. . . .

A visitor arrived in Anchorage today to spend two weeks with us: my aunt, Sue


I picked her up from the airport this morning.



We spent the rest of the day being tourists around town.

First stop: the Wells Fargo Alaska Heritage Museum

My aunt works for Wells Fargo, and she wanted to go and see the museum here in town. I had no idea this place existed!


If you are interested in seeing a wide variety of Alaska Native artifacts, for free, you should definitely check this place out!



Next we ventured downtown.


We walked the iconic 4th Avenue, past the shops, and admired the sights.



One thing I didn’t even realize was how many flowers there were downtown.




Our next stop was to a sight even I had never been to: Potter Marsh.



Potter Marsh is a freshwater marsh area often filled with birds and other wildlife.


The boardwalk takes you around the marsh so you can view the birds.



For dinner, I made one of my favorite dishes: Asian Noodle Salad.

I love this dish—it is so fresh, flavorful, and perfect for summer!


After dinner, we went on a moose hunt.

We drove to Kincaid Park and found them eating their dinner.



From Kincaid Park, we walked down to the “beach”


Not your typical beach, but you can’t beat the views of the mountains off in a distance.


Another moose was spotted on our way back!



It was fun doing touristy things today—things I never do when living here!

    1. Alaska looks beautiful in these photos! And…a moose!! How cool. I saw one while I was in Banff, Alberta two years ago…I got out of my car and took pictures. I mean, how couldn’t I!

    1. How cool that your aunt is visiting you for so long, I’d love for my favorite aunt to do that! Being a tourist in my own city is something I don’t do enough of!

    1. Moose! I need to be more touristy in Philly. I’ve been here 10 years and have never gone to see the Liberty Bell! How bad is that?

    1. We went to Alaska for a long weekend in June of 08 and we loved it, found the people very kind.

    1. The cold weather conditions in Alaska sound BEYOND hard and I don’t blame you one bit for being honest with how you really feel. I would feel the exact same way. There is joy in knowing that you can adapt to any environment now (having lived in the toughest ones out there- in my opinion) and you far excelled- running, documenting the gorgeous views, making the most of your living situation, etc. Honestly it takes a strong person to do that and I definitely appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing to read when people are open and honest about their true feelings. Thank you! You are an inspiration.

      1. I agree that while living in Alaska, I have endured some of the most difficult things here, and I will not take for granted things I have in the past!!

    1. Hey from Seward, Alaska,
      I love your blog, Michelle, and have been following for the past six months. I love following your runs and training, I love your food pics (wish I could cook the way you do) and I love the little tidbits you throw in about your marriage.
      I don’t, however, love all the negative talk about Alaska.
      Yes, it’s a tough place to live at times. Yes, the weather isn’t always ideal. Yes, it’s far from family and old friends.
      But look around! You have the Chugach Mountains just a few miles from your house. Is there anything better than standing at the top of Bird Ridge or Wolverine Peak or, OMG, the views from Williwaw Lake?
      As far as negativity about the running trails, holy dear, there are miles and miles of mountain and wooded trails plus so many miles of paved trails: The Coastal Trail, the Chester Creek Trail, etc.
      I moved to Seward from Anchorage last year for my job, and it isn’t my ideal. I don’t particularly like living at the end of the road system and I don’t particularly like my job.
      But am I happy?
      Most of the time, yes. I have mountains right outside my door. I can see the bay from my deck. I can run trails for hours, nothing but me and the mountains and all of that silence.
      Happiness has nothing to do with where you live or where you work. It’s being able to see the beauty around you, even if where you are isn’t necessarily where you want to be.
      I’m sorry that you’re unhappy here in Alaska and that you’re unhappy with your job. If you would prefer living somewhere else, you need to move on and live somewhere else.
      But please, please, please take the time to look around and appreciate the gift of Alaska. It may not be your cup of tea, but it’s a darned good drink nevertheles

      1. I am glad you enjoy my blog, but I extend any apology you will accept for my negative talk about Alaska. I did not want to offend anyone, so if I have, I apologize.

        I agree that there are some absolutely stunning sights here!! Today my aunt and I drove to Girdwood and hiked Winner Creek trail. I was in awe of the beauty the entire time!

    1. Alaska is sure gorgeous. I could understand why it gets depressing though. I wouldn’t want to live there. Hahah. No offense.

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