Date Day

June 23, 2011

I had two dates today!!

My first date was a weekly coffee date with my husband! 🙂


This time instead of driving to the Kaladi Brothers Coffee shop, we rode our bikes! 🙂

(That is supposed to be a happy smile, despite what it may look like.)


The bike ride took us about 30 minutes. I love riding my road bike–it is so speedy!

When we arrived at the coffee shop, we were warm, so hot coffee did not sound all that appealing. We opted for iced Americanos instead.

I also had half of a bagel with Laughing Cow Cheese + raspberry jam. (I think raspberry jam is my favorite, and I can’t wait to pick fresh raspberries later this summer and make my own jam!)


After our date, Craig went to work, and I biked back home.

I had laundry and packing to do for my trip to Minnesota tomorrow!!


My second date of the day was with my friend Katie at Middle Way Cafe–one of my favorite cafes in Anchorage!


I love the bright, vibrant colors inside and the clean, organic feel the place has!


I will never forget the time Craig and I saw Drew Barrymore here!


I have been craving a huge salad lately, so that is exactly what I ordered.


It also came with a couple pieces of bread.


Sadly, I wasn’t all that impressed with the salad. I thought it would have more than just veggies on. (I don’t know why–obviously I didn’t read the menu very closely.)

It was good and the Lemon Ranch dressing was excellent, but it just needed something more. Oh well, I definitely got my fill of veggies in for the day!


I’m off to do some more packing!

I fly out tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to see my family and friends! I am sad that Craig won’t be able to go with me though. 🙁 We won’t see each other for 3 weeks!



What is the longest you have been away from your significant other?

Long periods of separation is the story of our relationship. We dated long distance for 10 months, which was not fun. And now when I fly back to Minnesota (twice a year), Craig usually isn’t able to go with me and those 2 – 3 weeks feel a lot longer. I’m gonna miss that guy!

    1. See you soon!!! Travel safe!

      I hear ya on the long distance thing, although we aren’t that far apart Tim and I usually only see each other on the weekends. I think the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other would be 2 weeks or so?

    1. Our relationship was long distance as well for a while, nearly 2 years! He lived just outside of Chicago and I lived in Philly. I would see him in the spring for our yearly vacay, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If I had money, I’d take a long weekend here or there to go see him. He traveled up to 5 days a week for work then so timing was everything. Last summer he finally moved back here (and in with me!) and the longest has been 4 days which was this week. He’s supposed to go to Singapore for work at some point, but only 2 weeks max. That’s going to be hard with the major time difference.

    1. Have a great trip! 3 weeks is a long time to be apart. Neil used to travel for work so we would be apart for a while and I hated it.

    1. I love raspberry jam too!
      Until recently, my husband had a job that required 100% overnight travel. He would be gone for two weeks and then home every other weekend. We did for four months, and he recently resigned since the company couldn’t come up with a long term plan for the program for the travel to become more equitable. Hopefully being with your friends and family will help!

    1. though we were long distance for about a year (part dating, most engagement), the longest we’ve been apart is about 5-6 weeks. it’s hard! but since we’ve been married 2 years and counting now, the longest we’ve been apart is about a week. have a great trip!!

    1. Mmmm Raspberry jam is so delicious! I’ve always wanted to make my own, but haven’t the slightest idea how to do it.

      My husband and I dated long-distance for 2 years before we got married – and the longest single stretch of time we’ve been apart since getting married is 4 months (two different times). He is also routinely gone on 1-2 month trips, and was cumulatively gone for 255 days in 2009. In the last year though he’s been home WAY more than usual, and after having him home so much it’s always hard to re-adjust once he starts going on trips again.

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