Last Long Run

June 12, 2011

Yesterday morning was my last (pseudo) long run before the marathon this coming Saturday! eek!


I started my morning by having an English muffin for breakfast.

1/2 – Laughing Cow Cheese + jam

1/2 – peanut butter and banana slices

I kept waiting around for Craig to get up so we could go running. (He rode his bike with me.) When he finally got up, I was more than ready, but he likes to do a few things in the morning (as do I): check e-mail, read a few things on line, get changed, eat breakfast, etc.

He was taking forever, so I gave him the angry fist and bared my teeth at him because it had now been almost 3.5 hours since I ate breakfast and I was going to bonk again. (I wasn’t really mad at him. . . . only slightly. ;))


As to be expected, I bonked again on my run.

It was a tough run, I was feeling really slow and low on energy.



Talking to Craig at least took my mind off the fact I didn’t feel very good, and frankly, I didn’t mind that I wasn’t feeling up to par because:

a.) I was running! (Any time I am able to run is a good time!)

b.) The sun was shining, the pavement was dry, and there wasn’t snow on the ground. (I seriously live in fear of winter all summer long.)

c.) I was enjoying my time with Craig. We always have good conversations on my runs. 🙂


We covered 8 miles in 66 minutes.

After we got back from the run, I made myself a Green Monster Protein Smoothie because I knew I wouldn’t be getting many greens the rest of the day due to two parties yesterday afternoon: a college graduation party and a wedding.


We then watched our new favorite show: House Hunters on Hulu! Yeah for cable shows without paying for cable!!

Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 9.39.17 AM

After showering and getting ready, we ran a few errands: one of them to Costco where we probably set a record for the least amount of money spent in a single transaction.

bananas + dryer sheets (because they had a coupon!)

The rest of the afternoon was spent at a college graduation party and then yesterday evening we went to a wedding. Both were lots of fun but no pictures were taken. 🙁

I don’t have many plans for today, so we shall see what the day brings!

    1. Ahhhh good luck on the marathon! I am so excited for you!

    1. Your marathon is coming up so quickly! Ahhh.

      “I didn’t mind that I wasn’t feeling up to par because:

      a.) I was running! (Any time I am able to run is a good time!)”

      I couldn’t agree more.

    1. good luck!!! i sometimes think that not-so-good training runs equate to great races! 🙂

    1. I actually felt really low on energy on all of my runs the week before the marathon. I think it was all mental. But then I felt GREAT on race day. You’re going to have an AWESOME marathon!

      1. That is really comforting!! I can’t believe how sluggish I’ve been feeling lately!!

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