Memorial Day Weekend

May 29, 2011

What a horrible blogger I am!!

I missed the one-year anniversary of my blog (a.k.a. my blogiversary)!! So sad. . . .oh well, life goes on.

If you care to read my first post, click here. Don’t worry, it is nothing special. I basically wrote why I created my blog in the first place.

Maybe I’ll do a fun little recap of the year tomorrow! 🙂


Memorial Day Weekend = start of summer

I think most people would agree that Memorial Weekend is the kick-off to summer!

If you need something to bring to your Memorial Day BBQ, picnic, or get-together, check out these recipes:


Edamamae Guacamole

White Bean Dip

Vegan friendly

Lentil Walnut Burgers

Fruited Bulgar and Lentil Salad


Soft Whole Wheat Rolls


Rhubarb Crisp

Peanut Butter Bars

Fruit Pizza

Last night Craig and I enjoyed a little homemade pizza action.

I like my variety, so I basically created 3 different pizzas on my one piece of dough. I also had some roasted broccoli on the side.

Any time I make homemade pizza dough, I always make it the night before and put in the fridge until we are ready to use it. I’ve done this because it seems like all the best pizza dough recipes require you do to this.

Well, I was lazy Friday night and didn’t feel like making it, so I held off until we were ready to actually eat pizza on Saturday.

When I started making the dough Saturday evening, I was a little worried the dough wouldn’t turn out that well since it wouldn’t be refrigerated overnight. However, through this little accident, I discovered how to the a paper thin, crispy crust!!

I was so excited because any other time I make pizza dough, the crust gets very thick and chewy (which I also do like). But sometimes I want a thin, crunchy crust.

Plus, the dough was much easier to work with and stayed in the shape I wanted it to.

My only guess as to why the crust was paper thin was because the yeast didn’t have time to start working?!?!

I used this recipe.

I thoroughly enjoyed every last piece!

After pizza, we headed to our new favorite dessert place: Yogurtland. We are definitely addicted! 😉

I filled my cup with red velvet, coconut, and cheesecake frozen yogurt and topped it with chocolate-based treats.

I am not going to waste my money on heavy fruit. I’d rather get a 1/4 cup of Oreo crumbs instead of 1 strawberry!!

This time we made it in and out in 17 minutes, thereby avoiding to pay for parking at the airport. We are getting good!

Then it was off to the movie theater to see Bridesmaids.

The movie was extremely funny!! It was definitely a little raunchy at times and I’m not a fan of cussing (which there is a lot of), but other than that the acting was superb, the script was well written, and it was a great little movie.

I have heard it is the female equivalent of Hangover I/II. I thought it might be more of a chick flick, but Craig enjoyed it as well.


I am laying low today because my knees are sore and muscles are very tight—especially my thutt (thigh + butt) muscles—from my run yesterday!


    1. Hello! I just discovered your blog last week and I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading it. 🙂 I’m a runner myself and although I’ve only run a couple of half marathons so far I do aspire to get better and run more races and full marathons soon!

      I also thought it was uncanny that you’re from Minnesota and now live in Alaska–I was born in the Twin Cities area and moved to Wisconsin for most of my growing up years, but now I live in the Twin Cities again for college. I’m an education major and was also looking into moving to Alaska to teach (cause education jobs are certainly few and far between in the twin cities right now, heh) so I just thought that was very interesting! 🙂

      Anyways, I love your blog and your running recaps are very motivating! 🙂

      1. Yeah! I’m glad you found my blog and are enjoying it!!

        I’ve heard a teaching job in MN (especially the Twin Cities) is hard to come by!! I had a friend move up here last August to take a teaching job in Anchorage–she loves it up here.

        I, on the other hand, have not embraced Alaska quite so much. It is a BIG change, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into (I sure didn’t!).

        1. Yeah I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit! It would be a HUGE change and I was a pretty big pansy about the winter in MN this year so idk if I could handle it haha. I have a handful of other locations in mind as well!

    1. I cannot wait to go see Bridemades. I actually think I’m going to go tomorrow.

      That fruit pizza looks so freaking good. I have never had a sweet pizza before but I may have to give it a try.

      1. If you like desserts and sweet treats, a fruit pizza is definitely your cup of tea! It uses a sugar cookie crust + cream cheese based “sauce.” It is so good!!

    1. Holy yum! Love all of the food in this post! And our yogurtland cups are practically identical 🙂

      I feel the same way about Bridesmaids. It was pretty crude but really funny!

      I’ll have to make that pizza dough! Yum!

    1. Homemade pizza is the best! Craig and I always buy the dough pre-made from Trader Joes and I put tons of cheese on mine. It looks as if you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

    1. I loved the movie Bridemades! I am seeing Hangover 2 this week. I was a huge fan of the first one.

      Oh Yogurtland. It’s the place to be all the time.

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