Miscellaneous Monday

May 23, 2011

While it may technically be summer break, I still managed to find a pile of snow lingering around!

Today is my father-in-law’s birthday!

My in-laws: Steve & Kelly

We celebrated last night with dinner at our place.

(Ha, ha! Craig’s cutie patootie got in the picture!)

On the menu:

White Bean Dip with Food Should Taste Good Multigrain chips

Everyone enjoyed the dip. It could have had a little less garlic though.

Kristin posted a recipe for this Asian Noodle Salad the other week, and I knew I would be trying it soon!!

Oh my goodness gracious!! This was ahh-mazing—so, so, so, good!

Everyone was raving about how delicious and flavorful it was! We all loved the fresh ingredients it had!

You must make it now!!

Fresh fruit: something you can never go wrong with!


This was a must because ever since my father-in-law was little, he got watermelon on his birthday.

(Locals: I got this at Costco, but it wasn’t that sweet.)

Dessert: French Silk Pie

Absolutely divine!! Creamy, chocolately, and absolutely amazing!!

Recipe can be found here.

Time to serve it up!


Today has been filled with miscellaneous activities:

– blog posting

– lunch with Craig

– a little shopping

And a much-needed eye brow wax.

I went to The Beauty Room based off a recommendation.

Overall, I had a good experience. My appointment did start 15 minutes late, which was kind of annoying, but the gal was apologetic for running behind.

A relaxing night is in store for me—something I don’t get to do when I am working!!

    1. I didn’t know that they did eyebrow waxing. It is right across the street form my work so I am going to have to try it out!

      That bean dip looks great!!!!

      1. Yeah, and it is on the cheaper end of the ‘eye brow waxing’ spectrum for Anchorage–at least from what I’ve seen.

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