Feelin’ the Burn

May 12, 2011

This morning got started with running a slooooow 5 miles.

I was very tired and sore from lifting and my speed workouts yesterday.

Yesterday’s workouts:

8 miles + 30 minutes of weight lifting in the morning

3 miles in the afternoon: 1 mile warm-up + 8 x 200 meters + 1 mile cool-down

I broke the eight 200s into two sets and rested one minute between each repetition. And then in-between the two sets, I rested for 3 minutes. It is an awesome workout for maintaining some speed in your legs!

I loved feelin’ the burn and knowing I pushed myself to the max, which will in turn make me stronger!


Thursday morning = coffee date with my husband = the best day of the week 😀

Kaladi Brothers Coffee = the best coffee in town

We always pack our breakfasts and eat them at the coffee shop while enjoying our drip coffees.

Tropical Mango Overnight Oats

Very delicious!

I think these signs of succulent strawberries and mouth-water mangos means summer is on its way! And that makes me very happy! 🙂

I also had an Oatmeal Raisin Banana Muffin. I crave carbs after running! (I usually have at least a couple servings.)

The muffins were mighty delicious and even my husband (who isn’t always crazy about my healthified muffins) totally dug these!

I was worried that since they didn’t have any oil in them, they would be too dry, but I think the banana really gave them the moisture they needed!

It was a clear, sunny today, so I took my p.e. classes outside for some ultimate Frisbee—one of my favorite games!

Most of the kids enjoyed it, but some thought it was lame. I have learned that if someone doesn’t like an activity, it is often because they aren’t good/successful at it.

For me, that would be disc golf/Frisbee golf/frolfing (Frisbee + golf)—whatever you want to call it. Just ask my husband!

I am not a fan because the first time I played, I was awful, and since I am a perfectionist, that did not sit well with me! While I have gotten better, I still am quite horrible at it.


When Craig isn’t home for dinner, I get lazy about making a substantial dinner. I usually end up finding something that is quick and easy and requires minimal effort—tonight: cereal.

Straight out of the box, this cereal definitely has a cardboard taste to it, but tonight I discovered that if I let it sit in my milk for a while, it softens up a bit and the taste of the cardboard disappears—always a good thing.

After I discovered this, I really do like the cereal and love how crunchy and light it is. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a light cereal, sometimes I want some bulk to my cereal and something that will fill me up!

Don’t worry, I definitely had more for supper than just a bowl of cereal: carrot sticks, mango, peanut butter, and ice cream were definitely consumed tonight as well.

Time to rest a little bit and get excited because tomorrow’s Friday!! 🙂

    1. I love puffins.

      I will tell you each and ever Thursday (in my case today Friday) that I love that you guys go get coffee every Thursday.

      Those overnight oats look delicious.

    1. 1) I can’t believe your workouts yesterday…I feel like such a bum for just walking.

      2) LOVE Puffins!! 🙂 The Cinnamon kind are good too.

      3) Oh my holy Muffins…must check that recipe!

    1. Oh wow, I would be totally tempted by that plethora of Umpqua Oats at Kaladi Bros! Your oats look delicious as well! I hear you on the healthified muffins bit. I’m always trying to make our muffins/baked good healthier; sometimes they are a win with the hubs, other times not so much 🙂

        1. Yes! I love them! They only sold them at one coffee shop in all of Dallas when I lived there, but we moved to Houston last December and can’t find them anywhere! You should try them, though! Delish!

    1. I LOVE Puffins, my fav is the Peanut Butter kind, reminds me of giant Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. That is so cute that you and your husband, I have coffee dates every Friday with my Mom. Craig would prefer to have a “wine date,” instead of coffee, but I am working on him 🙂

    1. Sometimes a bowl of cereal just hits the spot. I never have cereal in the winter, but as soon as the weather gets warmer and berries pop up everywhere, it becomes my favorite breakfast. I do agree the original puffins taste a bit like cardboard though.

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