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May 10, 2011

Phew! What a day it has been!!

The kids are getting more antsy and you can tell the end of the school year is almost here. Good thing I only have 7 more days left of school!!

On top of that, this was my last “regular” Tuesday because next Tuesday is field day at school.

After school, I had thought about going to the gym tonight to lift weights but decided to relive stress by baking and blogging instead. 🙂


My run this morning was short and sweet: 5 miles in 42 minutes.

Today was an “easy” day because yesterday I ran 8 miles (with a tempo run) and did 90 minutes of yoga.

This morning it was a few degrees cooler than yesterday, and I could really tell. I was chilled to the bone when I got back home!

For breakfast, I enjoyed a delicious bowl of overnight oats. The strawberries and bananas on top totally made this bowl!

However, the cold oats didn’t help me to warm up, so I had to stop for some hot coffee on my way to work.

Actually, that’s how I started drinking coffee in the first place. When I moved to Alaska, I was always cold–okay, so I still am—and in order to alleviate this problem, I would drink hot tea to warm myself up.

Well, as with a lot of other foods, I grew tired of tea, so I would throw in an occasional cup of coffee. I didn’t like the taste of plain, black coffee, so I started with mochas which then turned into lattes, and now Americanos because the mochas and lattes are often too sweet for me. Plus I like the taste of a good coffee! 🙂


When I got home after school today, I found a package from my friend Jenn waiting for me!

She sent me buckwheat flour!! Thanks, Jenn. Can you move to Alaska so you can be my friend?

Supper was thrown together in no time with some pizza dough that was left over from Saturday night’s dinner.

This pizza was topped with a variety of veggies that Craig sauteed up: mushrooms, onions, and red pepper plus black olives and mozzarella cheese on top. 🙂

I only had two pieces because I had done quite a bit of snacking beforehand. I also steamed broccoli for my veggie intake.Tonight I baked Oatmeal Raisin Banana Muffins. Recipe courtesy of Courtney.

I resisted trying one tonight, but I’m excited to have one for breakfast in the morning. I have no doubt they will be amazing!

    1. Yay! So glad it made it without bursting… 🙂

      I think that rather than me moving to Alaska we should move somewhere tropical where we’ll never be cold and always have sun!

        1. I think we’re planning on moving to MN in a couple years – so that works for me! Except the part with the “w” word.

          1. Yeah, I don’t like winter either (I don’t think many people in MN do–especially females.), but I have to remind myself that having family and friends around is a better trade-off.

    1. Those muffins look rather delicious. You will seriously have to let us know how they are.

      I’m antsy for school to be done too but we still have a week and a half blech.

    1. OMG honey those muffins where so good this morning!!!

    1. The muffins look great! I am getting tired of the bagel + cream cheese I’ve been having almost every morning, so I will have to give these a try!

      I used to LOVE field day as a kid. Good luck with the end of the school year!!

    1. Wow, those strawberries – they look perfect! I am so excited for strawberries to be in season here soon.

      Have fun with the buckwheat flour! I had no idea it was high in protein! I’ve been mixing some in with Angela’s Spelt Pancakes for One recipe, and it makes some super delicious pancakes!

      1. I used KG’s Homemade Pizza Dough recipe, which can be found under my Recipe tab. It is a good one!!

    1. Keep posting I know I’m not so good to review, but enjoy seeing what’s going on. Can’t wait to see you. I wish it was now because work is ugh!!! I am needing to stamp again and can’t get that done. MN has had stange weather it’s either raining or hot but can’t complain about the heat it actually feels nice to warm up.


      1. Can’t wait to see you either! I’ve heard the weather has been quite strange lately.

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