To My Beautiful Mom

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

(Sadly I have zero digital pictures of my mom to post on my blog! I guess that goes to show you how often I see her. :()

To my Beautiful Mom,

Thank you for all your love and support over the years! You have given so much—always helping and taking care of others before yourself. I know I can always count on you to be there whenever I call or want to talk. You are a great listener! You have raised three wonderful children, and I’m so glad you are my mom! Love you!

Enjoy your day and take some time for yourself!


Yesterday morning—as with practically every Saturday morning—I tackled my long run of the week. This week: 18 miles!

When I mentally start preparing myself for a long run, I always have to break it into smaller amounts.

Here’s how I mentally broke up yesterday’s run:

1. Run 5.5 miles to my friend Jen’s place.

2. Run 8.5 miles with Jen.

3. Run 4 miles back home. (I took a shorter route on the way back.)

Distance: 18 miles

Time: 2:40

It was an awesome run overall! I loved how my run was broken up into smaller amounts; it made the time fly by! I will definitely be doing this again—thanks, Jen!

I got so carried away talking to Jen, I almost forgot to take this gel shot. I had brought two along but didn’t feel like I ever needed the second one.

When I returned home, I knew I needed some fuel though, but the only thing that really appealed to me was an energy bar, so I started with this Clif MoJo. I really liked the flavor of this bar—definitely sweet and salty, which was a nice combo after a run.

Next it was time for an ice bath.

This is supposed to be my “freezing” face, but I look more scared than anything.

Step 1: Put as many layers on your top half as humanly possible.

Step 2: Fill up the bathtub with the coldest water that will come out of the faucet.

(Yes, I know my bath tub and shower are in need of a good cleaning. It is probably my least favorite thing to clean.)

Step 3: Have some good reading material near by to keep your mind occupied and a towel handy.

(Some people will even prepare themselves a hot beverage to sip on while in the tub.) Step 4: Don’t think about it too much—just get in as quickly as possible, sit down, and start your lamaze breathing. I know it hurts, but after a minute everything goes numb and you will be fine!!

Step 5: Make sure your toes are sticking up out of the water. They are extra sensitive to the cold water, and they will be a-hurtin’ otherwise.

Step 6: Sit in the ice bath  with your legs submerged in the cold water for 10-12 minutes.

Step 7: Get out and try to warm up. I usually wait 30 minutes before taking a shower because otherwise it seems counterproductive. Plus my legs are icicles, and I just want to sit or lie down because I can hardly move them.


Mileage for the past week:

Monday: 8 miles (ladder workout on the track)

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 0 (I took the day off because I was sick.)

Thursday: 8 miles + 45 minutes of weight lifting at the gym

Friday: 5 miles

Saturday: 18 miles

Total: 44 miles

My goal was to hit 52 miles, but since I took Wednesday off, obviously that didn’t happen. Yet at the same time I’m glad I took the day off, otherwise I may have pushed myself too hard and then not have been able to complete my long run on Saturday. I know I will be able to make up the miles next week.


We had a little visitor this morning.


He’s just a little fella.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I hate ice baths and it takes me so long to even want to get in there ahhh. My mom also does not take pictures with me so I’m going to have a hard time finding a picture for my blog as well.

      1. I don’t think anyone likes ice baths. I just do them because I know they are good for my muscles!

    1. I’m impressed- the tap water in Alaska is COLD!!!

    1. The closest I got to an ice bath is putting my feet in a bucket of ice. I about died.

      1. That’s got to be worse because your feet (toes especially) are extra sensitive to the ice cold temps.

    1. Dang girl…run much?! You rock! Loved your note to your Mom! Never fun when we live far away on days like today! Hope you have had a great weekend!

    1. Wow, not a lot of people get to see baby moose in their backyard! I had no idea they were so adorable! I guess all baby animals are, though.

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for the lovely message! I have three great children that I am proud of!! May God continue to bless and guide all of you.

      Michelle, as your mom, you know I like to give you advice. Why do you add more stress to your life with “ice baths”? My advice is to take nice warm baths instead.

      1. Ice baths aren’t stressful. They might not be very enjoyable but definitely not stressful.

    1. how do you like the gels? I am training for my first marathon and really need to start thinking about fuel for runs…

      1. I like Clif’s new formula for their gels; I wasn’t crazy about them before.

        I also like GU brand gels. Although they are a little thicker, which could be good or bad depending upon what you prefer.

    1. Awesome run! I love Clif Shots. Razz and vanilla are my favorites. The vanilla one is so delicious I’m tempted to spread it on a cupcake as frosting.

      I tried an ice bath after my 18-miler and it was not a pleasant experience. Since then, I’ve stuck to just icing after my long runs. Did you think it was a big help in recovery?

      1. Yes! I really think the ice bath helps! I also think that the more often you do them, the less painful they become.

    1. Great job on your run! Is that moose a baby? I can’t tell if it just looks small because of the distance

      1. That moose is probably 1 year old because the babies aren’t born until June usually.

    1. A moose! That’s awesome!

      I still have yet to do an ice bath. Maybe one day I will be brave enough. Kudos on your long run! 😀

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