Highs & Lows

May 5, 2011

As I have mentioned before, I was a summer camp counselor for several summers (and even met Craig during one of those summers. . . . a little good ol’ camp romance). One of the activities I would do at the end of the day with my campers was to have them share their “highs” and “lows” from the day.

Everyone went around the circle sharing a “highlight” from their day and something that was more of a low point. (Some refer to this activity as “roses” and “thorns.”)

Highlights of my day:

* My run this morning!

Distance: 8 miles

Time: 67 minutes

I ran a splendid 8 miles this morning! I took yesterday off because of my cold, and I’m so glad I did because I felt 10x’s better today!

* My husband shaved his beard for me!

Craig and I were listening to the radio yesterday, and the morning DJs were talking about recent study that was done about what things turn women off. Number one: facial hair—specifically beards.

I am definitely in this boat, but I’m curious to know what the other ladies out there think?!?!

Apparently this was in a recent Real Simple magazine. I know what #1 – 4 are, but I’m curious to know what the other turn-offs are, so if anyone knows, please share!

#1 – beards
#2 – pierced ears
#3 – comb-overs
#4 – cowboys

* Our weekly coffee date this morning.

Craig and I enjoyed our weekly coffee date at Kaladi Brothers Coffee this morning before work.

I love when we are able to sit down and have a good, quality conversation. Today’s topic of conversation: our jobs and where we see ourselves going.

* Only 10 more days of school left, baby!!! I feel like I am holding on by a string these last few days!!

* My 45 minute weight lifting session after school!

Things I’m torn about:

* Leftovers

I am not sure how much I like leftovers.

I really like the convenience of leftovers, but they don’t always seem that appetizing the second time around.

* The amount of daylight we currently have.

Sunrise: 5:41 a.m.

Sunset: 10:14 p.m.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally in love with the sunshine and longer days, but I just wish it didn’t look like 4 p.m. when I was going to bed at 9 p.m. 😕

This picture was taken around 7:30 p.m.

Sad/disappointing things about my day:

* I missed out on the Groupon for today, which was a super great deal to Anchorage Yoga: $49 for a monthly membership (regular priced $135).

* My afternoon classes were quite difficult today and caused a lot of stress for me today. 🙁

Other than that it was a pretty decent day. And the fact it is Friday tomorrow makes it all the better!



What was your “high” and “low” today?

    1. COMPLETELY unrelated to your question….but remember when we were counselors at camp together?!?! Soooo glad we became friends. I love reading your blog and hearing about your life 🙂

        1. I am in Mississippi. Going on year 4 starting this summer, wowsers. Planning on working here for one more year then I’m ready for a move.

          I work with Teach For America as a Program Director. Basically I support 30 teachers in their first or second year, giving them feedback on their lessons, helping them develop solid plans, ensuring they are teaching rigorous content. It’s interesting and I’ve learned a TON!

          When is your next venture back to the heartland?!

          1. I think I’ll be traveling to MN for a couple weeks this summer–not set in stone yet though.

    1. So my husband has a goatee and some times a beard. he took it all off once in the middle of the night about a year before our wedding.he woke me up in the middle of the night and was like feel my face. my groggy response: “what did you do?!?!”

      We all admitted it was awful! So I guess it just depends on the man!

    1. I’m with you on the facial hair thing, I really don’t like it…that being said my boyfriend has a goatee and I like it on him, but whenever I see any other men with facial hair I just can’t get on board. Ditto on the rest of the list too!

    1. Oh my goodness. That is a ton of sunlight holy moly. I always knew how much it changed in Alaska but I guess I really just thought about it.

      I hate facial hair. end of story.

      1. Yes, we already have a lot of light, and we still have about 6 weeks of gaining even more!

    1. I have never seen Ross without facial hair…. the thought of him shaving it off actually terrifies me! I do find it unattractive when he neglects to comb his hair, however.

      We do high and lows every night before bed; such a great way for us to end the day. Must be camp counselor genes. My high was definitely catching up with an old friend.

      Have a great day!

    1. ahh roses & thorns! so fun! we did that at my camp & at my sorority. love it.

      as for the facial hair thing….my husband has a beard. i do like it as long as he keeps it trimmed and the non-bearded part shaved. otherwise it’s itchy and i don’t like it. 🙂 he’s proud of it so i let him enjoy it since i dont’ really mind unless it’s unkempt. so i guess it depends! there are some men (family, friends) i know who have horrid beards though…

    1. honey are you saying i can grow a goatee? 😉

    1. Wow your gym looks awesome, I wish mine was that big.
      Highs and Lows of my day:
      Highs: Only have to teach half day because the other half we had a relay for life with the kids
      Getting to eat sushi with my girlfriends tonight and not having to take care of the puppy

      Lows: Spilling coffee all over my capris before work and Craig forgetting to take our puppy out this morning before work so I was late for work

    1. I agree about beards… I’m not on board the whole facial hair thing. While some guys can pull it off, I think the majority can’t.
      I also agree about leftovers. I can only eat a couple of things reheated the next day.
      Also, I love that you guys have your weekly coffee date! My husband and I typically have a weekly Friday night Mexican dinner where we catch up, talk about everything, etc… This week I’m going out tonight for a friend’s birthday party, and he’s staying in, so we went out for sushi on Wednesday instead. 🙂

    1. Facial hair turns me off too. My dad insists on having some now and he looks like a goat. Hahah.

      It’s Friday so that is basically just a ‘high’ in itself. My low of today is the rain. There was no sun out today at all.

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