Ladder Workout

May 2, 2011

This is going to be a quick post because I am feeling under the weather AGAIN! (I have pretty much been sick every month since school started—not cool!)


Since the snow has melted, Mondays have become the days I head to the track for a speed workout. I think it works out well because I am coming off a day of complete rest.

And speaking of rest days, I truly believe my one-day-a-week of complete rest (no cross training) has helped me stay (pretty much) injury-free and prevented me from becoming too fatigued—even while running 50 miles a week.

Today’s ladder workout:

2 mile warm-up

400 meters (1:45)

800 meters (3:33)

1200 meters (5:21)

1600 meters (7:17)

1200 meters (5:23)

800 meters (3:31)

400 meters (1:36)

2 mile cool-down

Total: 8 miles

I like this workout because the distance keeps changing, so I don’t zone out from running the same distance over and over; it keeps me alert and focused on what I need to accomplish.

I was pleased with how this workout went. Last night I was still feeling the effects from my long run on Saturday, but a good night of sleep gave my legs the boost of energy they needed this morning. 🙂


I’m off to bed to try to kick this cold before it gets the best of me!

    1. Hi,

      Just found your blog! I love ladder workouts. They are awesome! I hope you feel better soon. Rest up!

    1. I’ve been planning to do some ladder workouts. I need to just do it! What kind of rest do you do between intervals?

    1. Sorry you’re sick! The sick bug got me a few times in the last month…no fun. I love this workout though! I always like workouts that mix it up frequently so I don’t get bored!

    1. wow- awesome job to do speed and distance at the same time!!!!8 miles total!

      I used to love ladder workouts when I had a coach pushing me 🙂

    1. We did the same ladder this morning! Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather! Very impressive you still managed to get your workout done in spite of it!

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