Free Food

April 27, 2011


Distance: 6 miles

Time: 52 minutes

Weather: 40*, cloudy, cool, rained overnight

Oh boy am I still feeling the soreness from Monday. I always do this to myself! I lift super hard on Monday and then am sore for the next 2-3 days. This probably isn’t the best for my training, yet at the same time I don’t regret it!

I wanted to run some hills this morning, so I ran to a near-by neighborhood that has some decent inclines. It took me 15 minutes to run there, and then for the next 20 minutes, I ran up and down the hills, making sure to maintain good form on the way up!

After everyone saw me run past their house about 5 times, I ran back home. It was a really good workout that was tough but not too tough since I already did a track workout on Monday.


Today it was all about the free food.

Free Coffee

I scored this cup for having a punch card filled. 🙂

16 oz. decaf vanilla soy cappuccino

A little too sweet for me! I asked them to go light on the syrup, but I think they forgot.

Free Lunch

There was a potluck at school today!

I was all about the veggies and pasta dishes today!

And of course a few sweet treats thrown in! 😉

I was on my own for dinner, so leftover Chicken and Artichoke Hotdish it was.

I had a pretty sizable snack after school today, so I wasn’t all that hungry when I got home.

Still as good as it was the first day; it even tastes good cold!

And an big, red, crunchy apple on the side!

Yesterday I was trying to make an appointment with my massage therapist, but she is out of two for a couple of weeks, so she recommended a few other individuals she works with. One of these individuals does trigger point therapy. I have heard of trigger point therapy before, but I don’t know much about it. My massage therapist said you leave your clothes on and do not lay down like you do for a massage. That kind of bummed me out because half of the reason I enjoy massages is for the relaxation part. But now, after hearing her recommend trigger point therapy, I’m intrigued and want to give it a try.

Do anyone know anything about trigger point therapy? Please do share!

    1. I don’t know anything about trigger point therapy! I always wonder about mixing up strength training and running. Like, should I do strength training that includes legs on the same week as a really long run, and how many days before the run? Running on sore legs stinks!

    1. I’ve heard of trigger point but haven’t tried it. let us know how it goes!
      Looks like a fun festival of food!

    1. Free food always tastes better 🙂
      I’ve never heard of trigger point therapy, but I would miss the lying down part too.

    1. Fun!- I love free food 😀

      As far as trigger point therapy, I did some research on it when considering it for myself and I think its highly affective for the fact that it draws the blood to specific areas of tension through their connected trigger points. The diagrams on this site helped me understand it better:

      I had my friend’s mom try a few trigger points for my neck and it helped! I have never set up an official appointment though.

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