Speed Workout

April 25, 2011

Today was my first speed workout for the year! 🙂


2 mile warm-up

6 x 2 minutes, 1 minute jogging

2.5 miles cool-down

Total: 7 miles


I ran 2 miles to the track at my “normal”/comfortable pace, which is about 8:15 – 8:20 minutes/mile.

When I got to the track, I stopped, stretched, and did a few dynamic exercises (high-knees, butt kickers, cairioca, etc.) for about 5 minutes.

Then it was time to get down to business. For each interval, I picked up the pace for 2 minutes and then jogged for 1 minute without stopping before repeating the cycle. I don’t know exactly how fast I was running the 2 minute intervals, but I was putting in some pretty good effort. If I had to guess, I was probably running them slightly faster than my 5K pace.

After I completed the intervals, I jogged 2.5 miles back home for a total of 7 miles for the day.

Usually when I got to the track for a speed workout, I will run my intervals really hard and then stop and rest for 1 -2 minutes before restarting the next interval. I am used to my rest time being at a complete stop because that’s how we did track/speed workouts in high school and college. Although, back then, I was training for distances shorter than 2 miles. Now since I am training for longer distances—half-marathons and full marathons—it seems as though most plans have your ‘rest’ time being a slow run instead of ‘no running.’

I’ll probably do a mixture of both types of speed workouts because I love that feeling of exhausting myself and then resting for a minute or two before starting the next interval. 🙂


When I got back to the apartment, Craig was already up (which he usually isn’t) eating breakfast because he is going to start biking to work as much as he can! Now that the trails are finally cleared of snow (for the most part, I think; there might still be some areas with packed snow/ice!). It makes me proud that he is doing this! 🙂


Part of my breakfast is courtesy of Old Navy.

As I was checking out at Old Navy yesterday, the gal asked me if I wanted some free cereal; of course I said yes!

It was nothing to rave about. It tasted like regular Honey Bunches of Oats with a few raisins sprinkled in. 😕

I also made myself a Green Monster after yesterday’s lack of vegetables.

I still had a strong craving for carbs, so I toasted a piece of bread and spread some peanut butter on it to enjoy with my protein smoothie.

I’m counting down the days of school. . . . .19 more to go! Hopefully it goes by quickly!

    1. I like tempo workouts. I’m not a big fan of speed because I always feel extremely slow.

      I have like twenty something days until I graduate. Woooo.

      1. I’m the only one ever running on the track, so I always feel fast. 😉 Ha, ha, just kidding.

    1. yay for the track!!!!!

      nice job, makes me want to get out there and make it happen.

    1. You have definitely got me inspired to start running again. It has been so so long! 🙂 And you’re from Minnesota?? We live in Minnesota! Heheh I got a little too excited when I read that! Have a nice rest of the day Michelle! 🙂

    1. i got some free cereal @ old navy a few months ago too! i was so confused when i got home and found cereal in my bag! lol i got great grains…it was really good!

    1. I want to start biking to school – but I am not going to do so in the rain. I’m a whimp.

      GO Craig!

    1. 20 days left for me!! Super job on your speed workout, I should try to incorporate some of those into my runs…

    1. Why was Old Navy giving you free cereal?? That’s kind of random. Also, in college we have been doing some jogging/walking in between are intervals now.

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