One More Month

April 19, 2011

Only 1 more month left of school!! Yipee!

Our last day of school is May 19, and I cannot wait!! 😀


Distance: 5 miles

Time: 42 minutes

Weather: 30 degrees, cloudy, no precip

It is funny how short 5 miles seems after running 6+ miles most days of the week. Overall, it was a quick, easy run, and I felt good, so no complaints.

I threw in a few accelerations at the end. Basically I gradually picked up the pace, reached a sprint, then decelerated all within about 50-75 meters—short accelerations to get some leg turnover in. I will often do this on my “short” distance days.


Tonight’s dinner was thrown together in a flash because I was starving when I got home a little after 5 p.m. Actually, I was hungry all afternoon, and I didn’t have anything left in my lunch to eat, so I had to wait until I got home!

A wrap filled with: roasted red pepper hummus, spinach, sprouts, tomatoes, black beans, and feta.

I enjoyed my wrap with roasted broccoli on the side. Instead of seasoning the broccoli with garlic powder, I used rosemary! I don’t really care for garlic powder on roasted broccoli, but the rosemary was definitely a winner!

Some bubbles on the side.

We ran out of ice cream last week, and I have had a major craving for ice cream since then, so it was very important to buy some today after work. 😯

I’m off to go on a walk with Craig, and then it will nearly be time to hit the hay!


What is your quick, go-to evening meal?

    1. One more month of school, that is so exciting! 🙂 We have ten days until testing, and then I’ll start my countdown too.

    1. It’s so funny how running long distances warps your perception of what is “short.” That’s one of the things I love about running so much!

      My favorite quick meal is frozen ravioli. If I’m really in a pinch, I’ll pop an Amy’s pizza in the oven and have a salad on the side.

    1. I know what you mean, 5 miles doesn’t seem like much when you are normally doing 6+, but in reality it is a GREAT run! 🙂 That wrap looks amazing and so does the ice cream! I have to have ice cream every single night. It’s a problem. Congrats on almost being finished with the school year! Exciting!

    1. one month of school! yay! i have class this week & next, then finals. i can’t wait to be done (even though i’ll be taking a 6 wk summer class + interning + part time job…less schoolwork will rock!) 🙂

    1. I have like six weeks left of school then I graduate. Wooo.

      My go to meal is eggs. So easy to make.

    1. Go-to meal is definitely microwave quinoa and beans, sometimes with spices and cheese. They’re two things I always have on hand, and my dorm room only has a microwave–otherwise I have to haul all of my gear to the kitchen.

    1. That is awesome you only have a month left….hang in there!
      Breakfast for dinner (veggie omelet with toast) is my favorite fast dinner.

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