Long Run Success

April 16, 2011

Glorious sunshine and a successful long run make me very happy! 🙂

Distance: 15 miles

Time: 2:10

This was a great long run! I felt good and the miles were nearly effortless. Plus, the sunshine and milder temperature (mid to upper 30s) sure makes a huge difference! 🙂

I still get nervous and a little anxious before a long run though. I don’t know why because I’ve done so many of them, but knowing that I am going to be running for 2+ hours still intimidates me! Once I get in the groove and my mind realizes I am capable of this, any doubt is washed away!


Some of my post-run food:

Whole Wheat Flax Bread (toasted) + spinach + tomato + one scrambled eggI also had an organic orange on the side.

I usually don’t buy organic produce because of the higher price, but these oranges were on sale and actually cheaper than the conventional ones!

This has to be one of the best oranges I’ve had in a long time! It was so sweet and juicy!

I spent the afternoon taking an ice bath and wearing my compression socks.

I laid low resting from my long run: talking to my mom and sister on the phone, surfing the Internet, and just relaxing.

This evening, Craig and I met another couple at our favorite sushi restaurant: Dish.

Ordering the right thing when eating out is very important to me, so I had to consult the waitress for help. She advised ordering the Waikiki Roll, so I took her advice.

And it was good advice! Loved this roll!

Craig ordered his tried and true: Super Dish Roll

I’m off to bed now. My long run always wipes me out!

    1. Great job on the 15-miler! I get anxious before long runs too, and sometimes I causes me to sleep terribly! It’s totally irrational and annoying. Like you, as soon as I’m out there and in the groove, it’s smooth sailing! And I love eggs after a long run too!

    1. ha, your day was similar to mine: 15 mile run then eggs for breakfast 🙂

    1. Great run! I always get anxious before long runs also. Do you normally eat anything before long runs? I know everyone is different and I normally eat something small (piece of toast with PB), but I am always interested to hear what other runners eat before a run, if anything. 🙂

      1. I always make sure to eat prior to a long run! I haven’t been posting pictures because it is still pretty dark when I do eat it, and I hate taking dark pictures.

        Yesterday I had a small bowl of cereal plus an English muffin with peanut butter and banana on.

    1. Great job on the long run! It’s such a treat when they feel effortless. Very yummy looking sushi!

    1. That breakfast looks delicious! Congrats on the long run! I used to feel that anxiety too- mainly because I never knew if I could finish or not- but you’re right, after the first 4 miles or so I would always settle into a good pace and “just run with it”

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