Coffee Date

April 11, 2011

Once a week, Craig and I make it a point to have an early morning coffee date before work. It is by far my favorite morning of the week! 🙂

This morning we went to Kaladi Brothers Coffee and enjoyed some time together before the craziness of the work week starts.

The night before, I make sure to prep overnight oats for myself because it always ends up being a tight morning trying to get ready in time. Once I get back to our apartment after running, I usually only end up having half an hour to do some quick stretching, shower, and get ready. I guess that’s a perk of being a p.e. teacher—I can throw my wet hair in a ponytail and no one will even care.

Of course the overnight oats never look appetizing, but they are pretty decent. I still prefer them hot and made on the stove-top, but in a pinch, they are great!

old-fashioned oats + milk + plain yogurt + frozen, crushed strawberries + chia seeds + vanilla extract + agave nectar

I enjoyed this bowl with some peanut butter and a banana as well. 🙂

My standard decaf drip coffee—with a little cream and sugar.

Gah! Someone’s looking a little tired this morning!

We weren’t so photogenic this morning. . . ah well. But I still think my husband is some hot stuff.


This morning’s run turned out to be a good one!

I started off with the intentions of running 7 miles and trying to incorporate as many hills into my route as I could. When I got to the hills, I would pick up the pace and run a little faster up each one to give my legs a good workout.

Part-way through I was feeling good and figured out I would have time to run an extra mile, so I ran a total of 8 miles this morning in 66 minutes! 🙂

This afternoon, I plan on going to the gym for some weight lifting.


I forgot to recap my mileage from this past week, so here it is:

Weekly Mileage + Workouts (4/4 – 4/10)

Monday: 7 miles + 45 minutes lifting weights

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 8 miles + 90 minutes Hot Flow Fusion Yoga

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: 4 miles + 30 minutes weight lifting

Saturday: 13 miles

Sunday: off

Total: 42 miles


Enjoy your Monday. . . .hope it’s a good one!


    1. I love going on dates. It’s always fun to try new places and just have a time out from the week.

      Also, I’m very impressed by your workouts. I wish I had had such an active P.E. teacher..

    1. I love morning dates!! Every few weeks E and I go to breakfast before work! Its super quick bu its almost like the calm before the crazy days.

    1. I can’t believe how much you get done in the morning before work! And 8-mile run and a coffee date, incredible!

    1. Great run!!! Love the coffee date idea! My husband and I need to start that tradition 🙂

        1. I do at times! I miss things like the good coffee and clean air but enjoy the wider range of things available in the lower 48. It is a place/state like no other though!

    1. The coffee date is such an awesome idea. You both are super cute! 🙂

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