Compression Socks

April 7, 2011

I’ve been debating about buying compression socks for quite some time now. (Sound familiar?)

Are they worth the money?

Do they actually work?

Which brand should I buy?

I actually bought a pair of compression socks for my husband for Christmas. Every time he wears them, he has great things to say about them, so I decided to suck it up and fork over $60 for a pair.

I ended up buying the CEP Running Progressivs Socks. I chose the CEP brand because:

1. It’s the brand I got for my husband and he really liked them. (Actually I wore his around the house one day, but I know they weren’t tight enough for my legs.)

2. SkinnyRunner said she loved her CEP Compression Sleeves, so it only seemed natural the socks would be effective as well.

3. They got good reviews on Amazon, which is where I ended up purchasing them. (You can find them here.)

(I really don’t like doing self-portraits; I look so awkward!)

The first time I tried them out was after my 11-mile run last Saturday. I put them on that evening and wore them for about 3 hours. They were nice a tight, and yes, a little hard to get on, but if you stick your thumbs inside the sock and bunch them up, you can easily slide them onto your toes and pull them all the way up without a lot of struggling. (They only take me about 10 seconds to put on now.)

Usually the day after a long run, my legs feel pretty tired and dead, but I honestly woke up that next morning and couldn’t believe how “fresh” my legs felt. I felt as though I could have gone for a run that day, which is nearly unheard of the day after a long run!

I also wore them to bed last night since I did a 67 minute run yesterday and 90 minutes of yoga last night Once again, my legs felt quite rejuvenated this morning. I would have struggled to bust out a decent track workout, but for the day after two intense workouts, they were feeling pretty good this morning!

I’m very happy the compression socks are working, and I didn’t feel like I wasted my $60! And, yes, I’ve asked myself if they are just creating a placebo effect, but I am pretty in-tune with my body, and I honestly think they work!

I can’t wait to couple the compression socks with an ice bath after my long runs this summer. (I just can’t do an ice bath during the winter because my legs are super red after I finish and chilled to the bone already!)


Today’s Run

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 42 minutes

It was a recovery run because of my 8 miles yesterday and 90-minute yoga session last night. I never thought yoga would make me so sore!! I loved all the hip opening exercises we did yesterday because I have quickly learned that I have the world’s tightest hips!!



Have you ever tried compression socks? What did you think of them?

    1. Oooh, nice purchase! I just purchased some hot pink “the recovery sock” brand bc they were el cheapo and pink. But I have also been eyeing the CEP brand as well. I definitely feel fresh the next day after I wear them. Now I just want shorts that compress my hamstrings and quads!

      1. I was thinking the same thing! I know Zoot makes a pair of compression pants!! How awesome would that be!!

        1. i have a great pair of compression tights made by 2XU…they’re great…a little expensive, unless you can catch them on sale like i did at well worth it!

    1. I actually used to love compression socks and I do agree they speed up recovery. That being said-a few months ago they started irritated my Achilles and pinched something in that general area. So I stopped wearing them and bought sleeves that don’t go over the heels and they are perfect.

    1. this is really timely because i just bought a pair last night! my husband needed new running shoes so we were at the running store anyways…he was like, you’re spending $40 on socks?? 🙂 i can’t wait to wear them after my 20 miler on saturday!

    1. I really do think compression socks work. Although I only wear mine for a few hours at a time (not overnight)

      1. I ended up taking them off about half-way through the night because my feet got too hot.

    1. I just took compression socks out for their maiden voyage. I felt more “tucked in” and I found them to be a lot hotter (as in sweaty) than other socks

    1. i heart my compression socks! i have the zensah ones and love them. i don’t think that its placebo at all…it really does make a huge difference, and you’re right, totally worth the money spent.

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