Would You Rather

April 5, 2011

As Craig and I were waiting in line at Costco to check out this past Saturday afternoon (which is the worst time to go, but of course always the time we go—along with everyone else!), we killed some time with several rounds of “would you rather.”

Here’s my “would you rather” for you:

Would you rather have a nostril that dispensed whipped topping or a belly-button pencil sharpener?

We were cracking up at the sight of someone being able to dispense whipped topping from their nostril, but how awesome would that be??

Yet, it would be awfully convenient to have a pencil sharpener on hand?!?!

Which would you pick?



Distance: 5 miles

Time: 43 minutes

I spoke too soon about running on dry pavement! 🙁

It was snowing again this morning!! And it was one of those snowfalls where the snowflakes were constantly pelting me in the eyeballs and my eyelids got more of a workout than anything else from so much blinking!

I was pretty sore from yesterday’s tempo run and weight lifting session, so I took it on the easy side today.


After begging asking for help with preparing tempeh, Megan gave a high recommendation to 101 Cookbook’s Orange Pan-glazed Tempeh recipe.

I am so glad she told me about this recipe because this was definitely the best way I’ve prepared tempeh so far!

The subtle sweetness of the orange juice and savory flavor from the soy sauce packed a punch that left me happy with the outcome!

I enjoyed the tempeh over some wilted kale and wheat berries.

I’m still not entirely sold on tempeh itself, so I don’t foresee it ending up in my shopping cart anytime soon, but there’s a good chance I’ll try it again in the future. I had a few bad experiences with tofu at first, but now I love it!!

Good night!

    1. belly button pencil sharpener all the way

    1. I’ll have to try that tempeh recipe! It was snowing like crazy here yesterday too. I am SO over winter!

    1. I adore whipped cream, so being able to dispense it out of my nostril at will would be a pretty awesome thing 🙂

    1. I still haven’t tried that tempeh recipe but I’ve been meaning to. I love tempeh crumbled, then steamed for 5 minutes, then mixed with salsa and added to a cheese quesadilla. Try it!

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