Tempeh Sandwich

April 4, 2011

I finally found a way I like tempeh! 😀

Tempeh Sandwich

– toasted Dakota bread from Great Harvest

The Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese

– sliced tempeh

– avocado

– red pepper

(I got the idea from here.)

I loved the combination of this sandwich, and I couldn’t even taste the tempeh, which is a good thing in my book since I’m not a big fan of it plain. The flavors blended so well together!

I also had some stir-fry veggies that I bought at Costco.

If you have a hard time getting vegetables in your diet, I would recommend picking up a big bag like this. They are super easy (no washing or chopping required), saute up quickly on the stove, and taste great with a little soy sauce on top!


Yeah for dry pavement!! It has been far too long running through snow, slipping on ice, tromping through slush, and dodging water puddles the past 5 months that I was walking running on cloud 9 this morning!

It was a great run! I felt great and the weather wasn’t bitter cold—although I still wore 2 pairs of pants, a long sleeve sweat-wicking turtleneck, a running jacket, hat, and mittens, but this is progress, people, progress!

Distance: 7 miles (an out-and-back route with a 27 minute tempo run on the way back)

Time: 57 minutes

After school, I headed to the gym for a nice weight lifting session. I spent 45 minutes lifting weights for my upper body, lower body, and abs.

One of my favorite workouts at the gym:

– 3 pull-ups (assisted for me)

– 10 push-ups

– 50 crunches

Repeat 3 times.

Love the total upper body workout I get from this!!


Lifting weights: do you love it or loath it?

    1. I love to lift weights and feel strong. I haven’t been having the time I would like lately-it’s like classes have decided lifting weights is not okay for me right now ha.

    1. I was so excited when I was able to run on dry ground without YakTraks a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, everything turned immediately to mud!

      I’m really not a fan of weight lifting, but I’ve recently been incorporating one day a week of leg strength training and two days of quick kettlebell workouts to prevent injury and improve my running. As I’ve been increasing my weekly mileage, I’m starting to appreciate days that aren’t so cardio-centric.

    1. i’m kinda neutral on lifting. i do it once a week with my husband so it’s kinda fun in that regard but i can’t say i adore it.

      by the way, do you have any tips on tempo runs? i always include them in my training plans but never do them well….so i usually end up doing fartleks instead.

    1. Awww Michelle — how bummed were you this AM? I woke up and literally could NOT believe the snow (and the snowing sideways) outside!!! Hopefully it will all melt by this afternoon OR back to the treadmill for a few days for me…

      1. Super bummed!! 🙁

        My husband (who has lived in AK his whole life) asked, “why is it snowing?” I (who has spent only the last 4 winters here) said, “because winter lasts through April in Alaska!”

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