Back to Running

March 28, 2011

After a one week hiatus, it was back to running today! 🙂

(I took a break because after running for 9 months straight, 6 days a week, my body needed a break!)

During this past week of no running–and very little exercise in general–I was able to sleep a little more, take 3 yoga classes, and do some extra baking/cooking. It was nice to have the extra time to do these things!

One of my creations:

Fruited Bulgar and Lentil Salad

So, did I miss running?

Surprisingly I didn’t miss running as much as I thought I would!

I thought for sure I would get to day #2 of no running and be itching to get out for a run, but in reality, I wasn’t missing it at all!!

I actually got frustrated with myself by about Friday/Saturday because I was thinking, “how could I not miss running, I love running!?!?”

After reflecting, I think it is due to a few things:

– The depression of winter is still lingering because we still have snow on the ground and the thermometer still drops below freezing at night. Running often gives the doldrums of winter a swift kick in the hiney, but after 6 months of it, it is easy to cave in.

– School has been stressful and sometimes at the end of the day, I just want to crash–even though I never actually do because there’s always a million other things I want to accomplish–but the stress of school causes me to be less motivated to run.

– And I really just wish I had a race to train for. It kills me that there are races going on all over the country already, but it is still winter here in Alaska, and the first race isn’t until the end of April—if it doesn’t snow, seeing that one year the race was canceled due to snow.

But with those things said, I was glad to get back to running today. 🙂



This morning I went to the gym for 40 minutes of weight lifting and ab work.

It felt so good to be back lifting again. Not only am I sore from lifting, but the soreness from my hot yoga class yesterday afternoon is starting to set in, and I like it! 🙂

I did a variety of lifts at the gym, focusing on my upper body muscles.

I am usually a die-hard morning runner, but I am going to attempt to go running after school this week and see how it goes. It is so much nicer running in the daylight and warmer afternoon temperatures! Plus I can take my time stretching into the evening and not worry about rushing to get ready for school. (We shall see how long this lasts.)

Today’s run: 6 miles

When I got back, it was a quick shower, and then time to make something to eat.

A quick panini sandwich using pita bread.

pita bread + turkey + havarti cheese + sprouts + tomato + onions + avocado + mustard

It was a decent sandwich but nothing worth recreating. I need to spend some time stretching and icing before bed tonight.

I love how yoga totally losens my muscles, but now I have to keep them that way by staying on top of my stretching. I also want to ice my hip because it started to bother me a little towards the end of my run.


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