Namaste Shangri-La

March 27, 2011

Last night we used our first Groupon purchase to an Indian food restaurant in Anchorage. Both Craig and I have been to Namaste Shangri-La a couple times, but that was a couple of years ago when they first opened.

It was evident the restaurant has gained some popularity because the place was packed when we got there and had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.

When we were seated, the service was good, but it did take a while for our food to come. We probably waited 25-30 minutes for our main entrees.

We didn’t mind too much though because it gave us a chance to talk. 🙂

Craig’s mango laasi–a sweet drink with mango and yogurt. It was good but too sweet for me.

Our appetizer:

Pappri ChaatFried whole wheat crisps topped with a medley of chickpea, potato, yogurt, chutney, and Indian spices.

Craig has had this before and loves it; I thought it was okay.

Our main entrees

I ordered the:

Rangoon Kafta Fresh spinach, paneer, and minced vegetable croquette cooked in ta tomato cream sauce

I loved this curry! The croquettes were soft and creamy, and the tomato cream sauce was spiced just right.

Craig ordered:

Shrimp Yangoonsucculent shrimp cooked in a traditional spiced with coconut sauce. Specialty from Burma.

Craig really liked his dish. I thought it was okay but preferred my dish.

Overall, it was a good experience, although I don’t think I will be returning any time soon. As soon as we left, both of our stomachs became very bloated and quite uncomfortable.

We did have a fair amount of food, yet at the same time, I don’t think it was more than we usually have. For me, personally, I don’t think my stomach is used to that type of food. So, while the food was good, I don’t really care feeling bloated after eating.


With all that food still lingering in my stomach this morning, it was time to hit the gym for a sweat session.

I have not run since last Sunday and the only other exercise I’ve done was a 90 minute yoga session on Friday night. That is unheard of in my book!

I hit up the gym this morning for some time on the stationary bike and elliptical.

bike: 30 minutes

elliptical: 15 minutes


This afternoon, I did some baking.

Strawberry Jelly Surprise Muffins

This vegan recipe is courtesy of Emily at Daily Garnish. Original recipe can be found here.

The only modifications I made was that I used half whole wheat pastry flour and rhubarb jam for the center filling.

So delicious and full of decadent flavors!! I know these won’t be lasting long! I’m off for a walk with the husband and then a little down time before going to bed.

Hope your weekend was a good one!

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