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March 25, 2011

It cracks me up to see the things people typed into a search engine that eventually brought them to my blog:

organic marching band drill

guam water rates increasing

10 meter plank

grocery store date night

granola bar molding machine

wasted packaging

I’m trying to figure out why you would search “organic marching band drill” in the first place, and what that even means, but then again I have probably Googled some pretty strange things in my life before.

I’m also not really sure how some of these searches even brought them to my blog?!?! “guam water rates increasing?”

Ah well, it is fun to check my site stats occasionally and see how people ended up on my blog.


I love Indian food, but I only recently discovered this love.

I was first introduced to Indian food while dating Craig. He was my multi-cultured man, living in the big city of Portland, and eating ethnic foods from all over the world. I was a small-town farm girl who only knew meat, potatoes, and corn.

But thankfully, Craig introduced me to the wonderful flavors of Indian food, and I am hooked!

We don’t often go out for Indian food because it ends up feeling like a ton of bricks sitting in our stomachs, but making it at home is a different story.

Tonight’s meal: Channa Masala

(I followed Jenna’s recipe, which can be found here.)

There is a little bit of chopping and dicing, but honestly this recipe comes together quite quickly.

I pulled out this naan dough from the freezer, let it thaw, then baked it on the pizza stone while the curry was cooking on the stove. (Here is the recipe I use for making homemade naan.)This was actually the second time I’ve made this recipe (first time pre-blog), and if I make a recipe twice, that is saying something!!

Both Craig and I loved this dish—a very strong Indian and authentic flavor!


Do you like Indian food? What is your favorite dish/curry?

    1. I think the funniest part of the search terms can be how far your blog may be down the list. Sometimes I google the search term and usually my blog is not even on the first 3 pages!
      I LOVE Indian food!

    1. People come to my site via the most odd web searches too! Somebody came today through the search “little nude.” What the heck?

      I do like indian food but could hardly identify my favorite dish. I simply haven’t tried it enough. But I do love me some naan!

    1. This looks delicious. I believe I’ve eaten Indian food with your husband. Good times.

    1. Chicken tikka masala and sweet naan for me!

    1. My husband LOVES Indian food, so I’ve been working on loving it too. I got some great curry powders from Penzeys spices that we love. 🙂

    1. I love Indian food! I’ve never made it myself, even though I bookmarked Jenna’s recipe ages ago! Thanks for the reminder!

      My favorite dish is probably channa saag. And I love veggie samosas with a ton of that brown sauce. When we go to NYC this week, Indian food is definitely on the agenda!

      1. You definitely need to make this soon!! It is so good!!

        I don’t know that I’ve had channa saag, but then again I have a hard time keeping the names straight!!

    1. […] for dinner, I made Chana Masala (i.e. chickpea curry). I’ve tried this recipe before (which is very good!) but decided to try a different variation. The recipe I used tonight […]

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