Break Time

March 21, 2011

First break of the day: break-fast!

Peanut Butter Banana Oats

Usually I switch between peanut butter, almond butter, and sunflower butter, but lately it has been all about the peanut butter!

And a beautiful break in the clouds today! 🙂 I love my sunshine!

Today is a break from running, so Craig and I went to Kaladi Brothers Coffee shop before work for some coffee and a chance to just sit down and talk. 🙂 I love our coffee dates!

We sought out the warmest spot in the coffee shop.

I had decaf coffee with cream and sugar in my reusable mug. I try to do my part to be green.

My mid-morning snack was a package of The Laughing Cow cheese and some Roasted Garlic with Rosemary Wisecrackers.

A great combination!

Lunch was a big salad filled with:

red leaf lettuce + spinach + red pepper + cucumber + sprouts + mushrooms + carrots + hard boiled egg

Then I had to break into the teacher’s lounge fridge and steal someone’s dressing because I forgot to bring my own. I hope no one noticed because I might be going back to steal more!?!? (j/k) It was a maple balsamic that had just a hit of sweetness and very tasty!

And a No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola bar for some whole grains in a reused sour cream container (trying to be green again!). I am addicted to these bars!


What things do you do to be green?

    1. i love that you two have coffee dates before work. i think that would be so fun but we never do it. i recycle everything and try to pack my lunch in mostly reusable containers (i.e. not plastic bags). i tried reusable sandwich bags that you can wash (i bought them from etsy & they’re so cute) but everything gets soggy in them… it’s sad 🙁

    1. Great post! I love coffee dates with my husband, too!

      To be more “green” I recycle, drink out of reusable beverage containers, and try to turn off appliances, lights, etc. when I’m not using them.

      It gets more and more easy to be green the more you do it!

    1. To be more green, I “try” to use reusable bags…I say “try” because I forget that they are in my trunk a lot of the time. I also use reusable plastic containers instead of plastic baggies for my lunch. I’ve also been gradually trying to switch over to “green” household cleaners.

    1. Just like your dad!! All about peanut butter. Everything has to have peanut butter on for Dad!

      I do alot of things to be “green.” I have been “green” so long I didn’t know I was “green.”

    1. That is an amazing picture of the mountains peeking through the clouds! Those views and a coffee date make for a lovely morning.

      We try to be green as much as we can: reusable grocery bags, reusable containers, eating local food, conserving energy, etc. In Vermont, it’s pretty much a social mandate to be green!

    1. That is a great idea to have a coffee date before work! I’m always rushing around in the morning and don’t talk to my husband much till later.
      To be green, I try to bike or walk as many places as possible, take public transportation, recycle, and use reusable bags.

      1. Yeah, when we don’t go out for coffee, I’m running around trying to get ready to go and pretty much ignore my husband.

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