Veggie Love

March 19, 2011

Veggie sandwiches will always hold a special place in my heart.

On one of our first dates—even before Craig and I were dating—I flew out to Portland to visit Craig where he was going to school. Craig had a hike planned for us in the mountains outside Portland for the day, so we packed a lunch that included: veggies sandwiches, blue chips, apples, and a orange-ginger cookie to share. (Yes, I still remember all the details. 😉 )

These sandwiches are packed full of a million different veggies!

spinach + avocado + muenster cheese + tomatoes + green onion + cucumber sandwiched between my homemade bread

Can’t get enough of that veggie goodness!

I also had some blue chips on the side—gotta stay with the theme.

I like these chips because they are no overly salted. However, I’ve definitely had better blue chips.

For dessert, I had a cone filled with one serving of ice cream.

This was the first time I have purchased Alden’s brand of ice cream. Sadly, I had higher hopes. It was good, but it didn’t have that traditional Oreo flavor I was craving since Oreos are would not be all-natural. But it is still ice cream and even bad ice cream is still good ice cream in my book. 😉After my late lunch, I ran some errands. I made a stop at the local running store to check out their compression socks. The guy helping me offered to measure the circumference of my calf so I would know what size I needed. I hiked up my pants and was instantly embarrassed when I saw the forest growing on my legs! Ahhh!! How did I let that happen? Obviously I have been too busy to shave my legs recently–oops! Sorry Skinny Raven employee!!

When I got back home, I finally had a chance to jump in the shower and get ready for the day evening. (Gosh, I sound like the grimiest person ever.) By then, my stomach was in need of some more food. It’s incredible how much running amps up my appetite!

yogurt + granola

I topped my yogurt with Cascadian Farm Dark Chocolate Almond Granola. Seriously, what a great excuse to eat dark chocolate in the morning (or the afternoon in my case)!

This granola is not super chocolatey. You could definitely taste the chocolate bits every now and then, but it didn’t take away from the traditional granola flavors. Overall, super crunchy and delicious.

For dinner, I made myself a big salad to continue with the veggie love today.

I topped this bad boy with a million different things:

spinach + red leaf lettuce + carrots + mushrooms + red pepper + avocado + hard boiled egg + fresh cilantro

Craig and I are off to a wedding reception for the evening. See ya tomorrow!

    1. Im sure glad you followed up you hairy leg story with a tail about granola 🙂 i love you honey, even if your legs haven’t been shorn in a while.

    1. i might have to make that sandwich for lunch this week! i never think of making veggie sandwiches but whenever i see them, they look so good 🙂

    1. Too cute that you remember everything you ate on that date 😀
      I have a food memory, too! I remember all my happy life moments by what I was eating.

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