March 17, 2011


Why did I run 9 miles this morning?

Why did I run 9 miles this morning at 5 a.m.?

Why did I run 9 miles this morning at 5 a.m. with 2 inches of fresh snow at my feet and more falling from the sky?

Why? I am not sure.

Needless to say, it was a pretty rough run in the snow—9 miles in 1:20. 😕

I knew I couldn’t get my hopes up about the chirping birds, sunshine, and warming temps the past few days. It is only the middle of March, and for Alaska that still means winter!


I was starving when I got home after school tonight, so I threw together the fastest meal possible.

sauteed veggies + tofu

I finally feel as though I have figured out how to prepare tofu—thanks to Emily and her tofu tutorial for this wonderfully easy, pan-fried tofu that never fails me! 🙂

Sadly I was not sporting the Irish spirit today. I completely forgot about wearing green—although I don’t think I own any green fitness-related clothes. I only got one pinch from a student because our principal declared our school a “pinch-free school.” 😉

I’m pretty sure the only green in my day was my salad at lunch and the broccoli and peas in the above picture.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! I actually feel as though this week has gone by relatively quickly, which I am not complaining about!


How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

    1. My cross country coach always said you’ll get to that point where you can’t even justify why you are running to anyone else-you just want too.

      Awesome run today!

      I did a 5k but not all that fast because I didn’t want my heels to hurt.

    1. I can relate to a finicky spring! I’m about to head out for a run on a messy, muddy road. And then it will probably snow this weekend!

      Love your tofu plate, but I’m not sure that’s what I would pick for breakfast!

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