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March 16, 2011

Today’s Run

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 44 minutes

Weather: 23 degrees (much more bearable)

Since I did this run 12 hours after yesterday’s run, I took it on the “easy” side this morning. I thought my legs were going to feel tired from yesterday’s 7 miles, but they actually felt pretty good. 🙂

The roads were SUPER slippery around the neighborhoods though. During the day, the sun starts to melt the snow, but then everything refreezes at night again. I cannot wait until I am able to run on dry pavement again! It is these little things that I no longer take for granted!


I know the ABCs of Me have been going around the blog world for a while now, but would it be arrogant if I rewrote some of the ABCs and did my own thing?? I hope no one is offended because I am changing things up a bit:

Age – just turned 28 (30 is getting TOO close)

Bed time – 9:00-9:30 p.m. (I’m a grandma.)

College – Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) (Go COBBERS!!)

Driver or rider (in a car) – I enjoy both. If I feel safe with the driver, I’m all about riding, but if I feel like you are putting my life in danger, hand over the wheel!

Eye color – blue

Favorite food – sushi or a salad

Goal in life – break 3:30 in the marathon

Hometown – Waseca, MN

Injury – One time I stabbed myself with a pencil in 3rd grade right before taking the Iowa Basic Skills Standardized Test.

Job title – elementary physical education teacher

Kitchen gadget (favorite) – Misto

Longest road trip – Minnesota to Alaska (3500 miles!)

Magazine – Runner’s World (betcha didn’t see that coming)

Newest obsessionToms

One new food you’ve recently tried – applesauce + ground fennel (I know it sounds odd, but Craig added some freshly ground fennel to his applesauce the other day, and it was amazingly good!)

Pets – none (But Craig really wants a dog.)

Quirk – I don’t shave my legs very often (especially during the winter), but I have to shave my armpits every day!

Restaurantchain: Panera Bread; local: Ginger or Middle Way

Store – Gap (J. Crew if I could afford more things.)

TV show – The Bachelor

Undergraduate degree – Bachelor of Arts ~ double major: health education, physical education

Vacation destination – I love to travel period, but warm, tropical places definitely top the list: Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands

Wake-up time – 5:00 – 5:30 a.m.

X-rays – just at the dentist and chiropractor

Your least favorite clothing item to shop for – jeans (hands down!)

Zodiac sign – Pisces



Tell me one of your answers to these ABCs.

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